Yes, the Riviera post is still coming. The weekend was just too jammed to write.

Played with Harris and Cal on Saturday and turned in a less than stellar 79 but still won breakfast, so that was a plus. I quickly headed home to get my old 53″ Sony projection TV ready, as I sold it to a buddy of mine from my ball hockey team.

He was in the midst of a move that day so they stopped by on the way to his new house to pick the TV up. Gullible guy that I am, I accepted his offer of beer and pizza for a little help with the back-end of the move so that’s how I spent the rest of the day.

No regular golf on Sunday, as it was the Parent/Child club championship at St. Catharines. My old man seemed very determined to win this year, as he thought he had a ringer in his son…fat chance!

I played so so while he played really well. It was an alternate shot format, which is easily the toughest format in my opinion but we fared quite well. My father is a 17 handicap but his excellent play allowed us to be only +7 through 17 holes and I figured we had a chance to win. However, we put up a fat triple bogey 7 on the 18th to shoot an 82.

Funny enough, it was still the best score by three shots but for whatever reason, this club championship was a NET tournament and we ended up losing by a single shot with our net 72.5 score. Bah!!! My father was PISSED! Wasn’t very happy that his son put him in a greenside bunker on 18 with a gallery watching, as he skulled the sucker onto the 1st tee! Oh well, it was a fun day.

Labour Day Monday was a marathon golf day. I played in the morning with the regulars and shot a decent 77, actually winning a skin and all the Hollywood’s to net $20.00 on the day. It’s the first time I’ve gone home with money in my pocket in about a month and a half.

I quickly went home, changed into a fresh shirt and headed back to the club to play a round of golf with my mother-in-law and her guy friend, with my wife tagging along in a cart to watch the proceedings.

Now I can hear you all saying “damn, that’s got to suck!”. But my mother-in-law can play quite well and usually shoots around 90. I’ve never played with her friend Chris but I have heard he’s quite capable. Plus, he was up for playing the back tees so I was sold.

I didn’t have much gas in the tank to start the round and had no expectations whatsoever…I haven’t played 36 in a day this year so I didn’t know how I’d handle it.

The round ended up being notable.

Hole 1 (Par 4): Hit my approach long, chip to five feet and make the putt. PAR
Hole 2 (Par 4): Drive perfectly down the middle and my PW stops two feet away. I make the putt. BIRDIE
Hole 3 (Par 4): Hit my drive just left of the fairway bunker down the right side. My gap wedge approach ends up missing the hole by a foot and rolls about 15 feet past. It’s the EXACT same putt I made for birdie earlier in the day, only five feet longer. I make it again. BIRDIE
Hole 4 (Par 3): Two group wait on the tee, as the course is packed in the PM. No problem. Hit my 6-iron about 15 feet short of the stick and MAKE THE PUTT AGAIN. BIRDIE

I can honestly say I’ve never been three under after four holes in my life.

“My god, you’re going to shoot 62”, Chris blurts out, as my wife yells at him for ‘talking to the pitcher during his no-hitter’. Haha.

Hole 5 (Par 4): Kill my drive down the right side and only have a 9-iron approach. Hit it to 25 feet or so and two putt. PAR
Hole 6 (Par 5): Hit a poor drive over the bunker left and have to navigate my way around the trees. Hit an awful shot that barely gets off the ground and I’m 185 yards away without a clear shot at the green. I hit a smart shot just short but leave my chipshot on the fringe. Two putts from there. BOGEY
Hole 7 (Par 3): 7-iron to 25 feet; two putts. PAR
Hole 8 (Par 5): Drive it into the fairway bunker right and duff the shot out. It rolls all the way down the hill, however, leaving me with a 130 yard approach. I hit it just through the green and I skull my chip past the hole and off the green. I’m fortunate to get down in two from there. BOGEY

Brutal. Both of my bogeys are on the par fives.

Hole 9 (Par 4): The hole is a beast today at 451 yards into a two club wind. I nail a drive but still have 196 left. My knockdown 4-iron misses left but I get up and down. PAR

So I’m out in 35 shots, not too shabby! My mother-in-law was struggling a bit, as she hasn’t played much this year. She went out in 51 shots while Chris blew up with a triple bogey eight on the 6th to shoot 46.

Hole 10 (Par 5): Hit a terrible drive way left but I’m only 210 out. However, I have to hit over a grove of trees and conservatively hit a 6-iron to clear them. I end up in front of the green, hit a mediocre pitch to 12 feet and miss the slick downhiller. PAR
Hole 11 (Par 4): My 4-iron tee shot is down the middle and my PW approach from 122 yards lands six feet short of the pin. I make the putt. BIRDIE
Hole 12 (Par 3): I hit 6-iron on the downhill 205 yarder and come up just short. My chip shot runs eight feet past but I knock that sucker home. PAR

I knew I was on a roll after this next hole…

Hole 13 (Par 4): I setup with my driver and I am really uncomfortable with the clubface, adjusting it a few times to keep it from flaring open. Didn’t help. I block the ball right and it might be in the hazard. I walk up the hill and find the ball cruelly staring back at me…two feet out. I take my penalty stroke and drop and I have about 155 yards and have to cut it hard around the trees. I hit a decent 8-iron that gets a great hop right, and ends up 18 feet away, pin high. It’s a very difficult, downhill left to righter…and it curls around the lip and falls! PAR

Still two under par but I follow that magic with my worst shot of the day.

Hole 14 (Par 3): The wind is howling pretty good so I pull a 7-iron for the 176 yard shot. I pull hook it WAY long and it goes 15 yards over the green past a bunch of pines. I have to hit a high LW over the trees back to the pin and leave the shot 25 feet short. I miss the par putt. BOGEY
Hole 15 (Par 5): I hit a solid drive that just ends up in the rough but hit a good 6-iron second, leaving me with about 135 in. My PW shot is a good one and ends up 15 feet past the hole. I have the putt tracking but it falls just short. PAR
Hole 16 (Par 5): I hit 4-iron off the tee, as per usual lately, and hit it down the middle. I lay up with a 6-iron and have 112 left. My SW is right at it but goes 12 feet past. I make the tricky downhiller. BIRDIE

Once again, I’m two under! The magic would soon disappear.

Hole 17 (Par 3): I make a concentrated effort to swing easy with my 4-iron on the 222 yard monster but I still end up hitting it left into the bunker. I blast it out to 18 feet and barely miss. BOGEY
Hole 18 (Par 4): I don’t hit it pure but I’m in the fairway about 169 yards away into a stiff breeze. The setting sun is BLINDING and I can’t even see the green standing over the ball. Of course, this means a snap hook left of the traps and my pitch shot ends up rolling 12 feet past. I can’t make the putt. BOGEY

So I bogey the last two and shoot an even par 72. To say I’m a bit disappointed is an understatement, as I’ve never been under par from the back deck at St. Catharines. All of my subpar rounds have been from the blues there.

The disappointment subsided pretty quickly though. My putter was molten hot after a little adjustment at setup and it leaves me feeling good about the rest of the year. Then again, it’s September…what is there to play for?

Typical for me, right Harry? Get the game in gear just in time for football season!

Nevertheless, even from the backs for the second time this year and third time in my life. My mother-in-law shot a tough 103 while Chris shot 90. He hits a great ball but just needs to sharpen up his short game a bit. He can rip it, that’s for sure!

Tonight, it’s the annual ‘Trash Talking is a Must’ fantasy football draft with Harry and his boys in Montreal. I got saddled with the last pick in the first round but it also gives me the first pick in the second round due to the snake draft. Should be a fun night!

I’ll have the first Riviera post up by tomorrow night at the latest…

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  • Just so you know, i\’m over the riviera post. Just put the pics up on facebook thats good enough for me. You waiting weeks to talk about it has lost my interest.


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