On Vacation!

I‘m finally taking a vacation week so I’ll just be chilling out for the next eight days and sprinkling in a bit of golf while the weather continues to amaze here in Southern Ontario.

It’s 22 degrees celsius today – shorts weather at the end of October! Just incredible!

I played two pretty non-descript rounds on the weekend, firing rounds of 77 and 76 at St. Catharines, as my putter has once again become balky. Bernie tells me that my arms and shoulders aren’t square to the line and that’s why I’m pulling everything – when I get hot, I can cope with it but when things get bad, they really get bad.

I made a concerted attempt to correct the problem in yesterday’s round and while I got off to a hot start (-1 through four holes), I couldn’t maintain it. I may need a bit of practice time on the greens before heading to Oakmont one week from today. I still can’t wait!

Nothing much planned for this week. I’ve been invited to play the Cutten Club on Wednesday so I’ll have a chance to see first hand the changes made to the course by architect Ian Andrew. I may also play one round at St. Catharines during the week if I can find a game. Other than that, I’ll just be at home, intently watching the stock market and crying about losing two more integral pieces of my injury-riddled fantasy football team.

One comment

  • A week off will be nice. I wonder if you will really end up resting and relaxing. That was a good post and an exciting read. Thanks.


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