St. Catharines G&CC Shoots Down Course Improvements

Last night, at the St. Catharines Golf & Country Club annual shareholders meeting, the membership voted against making improvements to the course as outlined in the club’s Master Plan.

Consulting architect Ian Andrew made a presentation to the club a few weeks back and I thought that meeting went pretty well. He went over the proposed changes on a hole by hole basis, utilizing his personal drawings of each hole to show his reasoning from both a strategic and aesthetic point of view.

Our bunkers were going to be addressed, some new tees added, some dangerous trees were being removed and a couple of holes were being modified, most notably the quirky par five 16th. I’ve included Ian’s rendering of the changes to the par five sixth above and the par three 14th below.

However, for reasons beyond my comprehension, only 47% of the membership voted in favour of the proposal and it was unceremoniously shot down.

First, we had the Queenston debacle earlier in the year that was voted down because the membership wanted to stay in St. Catharines and NOW the membership votes down making changes to the existing layout.

The meeting was supposed to take place last Monday and was rescheduled to yesterday – I wasn’t able to attend last night but delivered my positive vote by proxy. I have heard all of this news through my father and will attempt to get more information on what went down last night before talking about it further.

I’m entirely too livid to discuss this at the moment without more information. I’ve always been very loyal to my club but I’m starting to think that the old farts that roam the grounds on a daily basis are content to see the club go into the ground with them in the next ten years.

Words can’t express my disappointment.

One comment

  • I\’m pretty interested to see which direction the members DO want to move in. If they seriously move toward spending that money on the clubhouse and general faux elite douchebaggery I\’ll reconsider my membership.


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