Freshening Things Up a Bit…

I‘ve been writing this blog for almost three years so I think a little cosmetic surgery on the look of the site is long overdue.

Consider this template a beta version or for the non-computer nerds out there, a work in progress…

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Who the hell\’s that guy in the funny shorts at the top of the page? He looks a bit like a woofter.Evening. I came here from the Reluctant Jam Boy\’s site and have been reading on the quiet for far longer than I should have, without being polite enough to leave any comments. I\’m sorry about that.I always love reading your accounts of your rounds, and particularly those of your excursions to prestigious championship courses. I was lucky enough to play St Andrews & Carnoustie on a trip last year, just before the Open, which was fantastic, but it\’s the other end of Britain for me (I live in Plymouth) and it\’s a bit of a trek to get to other famous courses, although I might have an in at the Belfry, where they play the Ryder Cup, in the future.I play off 6 and I am immensely envious of your 2 handicap. When the muse strikes and God smiles on me, I can get it around in something close to par and make the odd birdie here and there, but I am equally likely to go out and play like a 12 handicapper and have to rely on a half-decent short game to bail me out of trouble.I have an uncle and aunt and a few cousins who live in Canada, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Do you know them?Anyway, I shall stop taking up so much of your time. I like the new layout. It looks good. Apart from that guy. COver those knees up!David


  • Hey, my mother always said I had nice legs and that people who criticized me were just jealous! 😉 Woofter? That\’s just offside! My wife will roar hearing that one!Love the Nova Scotia bit too…Thanks for reading! I\’ll consider using photos with me in pants in the future but I have to show off my gams while I\’m still young…On second thought, I guess I SHOULD be wearing pants!


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