We Have a Poll!

Our good friends at Blogger have added the ability to put polls on the site so I’ve put my first one up in the sidebar, asking whether my header should be in colour or in black and white. Go vote!

I plan on putting up a new header every weekend just to keep the site fresh with photos of my great golfing experiences.

This week, we have Jon, myself, Harry and Preston giddy as school children as we pose on the 18th fairway at famed Oakmont Country Club late last year. No gratuitous shots of my uncovered legs here so I’m sure a few of my readers will be relieved.


  • Ok I won\’t make fun of your legs, but i will say it\’s pretty lame that you plan on changing your blog header every week cause there is nothing more interesting in your life to do.


  • Right, this coming from the guy whose life ends because fantasy football is gone for eight months.Hey Harris…pot, kettle, black…


  • EveningI\’ve placed a vote for colour, because why not? But the black & white can be quite classy in the right circumstances. Maybe mix and match, depending on what the picture is.I\’m glad to see there are no uncovered knees in this picture. But why have the two guys on the left both got trees growing out of their heads? How long had you been there?I wish I\’d played at Oakmont. I could have run up 3 figures easily, I reckon. I played at a links course called St Enodoc over here in howling winds recently and struggled like hell to break 100. I hit 4-iron (which I normally hit about 210 yards) over 300 yards with the wind behind and couldn\’t get it past 140 into the wind. It was hard work. But great fun.Right, I won\’t take up any more of your time. Cheery-pip, old boy.David


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