It’s Riviera Week!

One of the most famous old tournaments in golf begins on Thursday. The former Los Angeles Open, now called the Northern Trust Open will take place at famed Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California.

As my readers know, I was lucky enough to play Hogan’s Alley in August last year while on vacation and it truly was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. For the uninitiated, I’ve left links for my three-post writeup on Riviera just below:


In the spirit of the week, I’ve also changed the header to a shot of Riviera assistant pro Mike and myself as we marched up the 18th hole after a great morning of golf.

I’ll be glued to the TV set this weekend to see how the pros handle one of the great classics, the 29th rated course in the world according to Golf Magazine.

On another note, I’ll be starting to post more regular content in the days and weeks to follow. I’m starting to get the golf itch, even though we just got about a half foot of snow dumped on us this evening.

I’ll first talk about some of the tournaments I’m scheduled to participate in this year and a few of the great courses I hope to play as well.

I then plan on doing a series on my dream vacations of the future and the courses I’d love to play someday. Should be a fun series of posts for yours truly and hopefully an entertaining read. Hopefully, it will plant the seed with my buddies and get them thinking about some great trips in the next few years.


  • To Harris – yes. While I don\’t know the author well enough to make such personal comments, I wholeheartedly agree.I was more concerned about where his right hand was and what it was doing to make the guy in the white shirt look like that. That\’s not like any kind of smile I\’ve seen anywhere before.


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