The Freshman Fifteen? How About the Newlywed Twenty!

It’s amazing what marital bliss does to one’s waistline.

I’ve always been a pretty skinny guy my whole life and laughed at my married friends who told me what to expect once I got hitched.

Me? Get tubby? Are you kidding?

Well, the elaborate meals and the careless attitude about my appearance that comes with having a significant other have taken their toll on yours truly over the past year.

I hadn’t stepped on a scale since I got married in October of 2006 but decided to see where things stood on the weekend. I knew I was getting bigger…sucking in the gut to get the pants on…the shirts fitting tighter…Harris saying I had man boobs…you get the picture.

It’s gotten so out of hand that I have trouble finding a seat for my big ole butt when going to the club with Harry and Toast to have a tasty burger. See below for photographic evidence.

I took down two of those bad boys…

Ok, in all seriousness, I’ve gotten quite a bit bigger. I’m 6’0″ tall and was about 165lbs or so when I got married. I had NEVER eclipsed the 170 pound barrier.

I figured I might tip the scales in the high-170s…

Imagine my shock when I looked below at the scales and saw 189.1 pounds.

Holy CRAP!!! I’ve gained over 20 pounds since I got married!

Well, the party in my stomach is over. I’ve had enough. I’m writing this blog to embarrass myself back into reasonable shape.

The only exercise I’ve been doing in the winter months has been to play hockey once or twice a week. Of course, downing a couple beers after those games pretty much renders that exercise useless. So I need to exercise more and I’m also pledging to maintain a healthier diet – no more late-night subs from Jumpin Jaks I guess.

The plan is to get back to under 170 pounds. Ideally, I’d like to be at 170 by the middle of April.

I’ll write a weekly update on my progress and will now just sit back and wait for the snarky comments from Harry and Toast.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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