I Spoke Too Soon…

This is what I woke up to this morning…

Only five days ago, we were basking in beautiful, spring-like weather with temperatures around 15 degrees celsius. Of course, as Harry so eloquently commented after my last blog post, I jinxed things by writing about the great conditions. The next night, we were blasted with about a foot and a half of the white stuff.

That was just a precursor to last night, where Southern Ontario got blasted with over a foot of snow and it continues to fall as I write. I just was out for almost THREE HOURS shoveling my driveway and my back patio so the dog can do her business.


That’s me trying to put on a brave face after the first hour of work outside.

Of course, the dog doesn’t even want to step foot outside right now, as it’s hailing and snowing sideways.

Here’s the finished product:


‘Finished’ is a relative term though, as I’m quite certain I’ll be out there again before bedtime to shovel the other foot of snow that will fall in the next five hours. I’ll never open my trap again about the weather…

I just hope that the temperatures DROP so the snow stays light. Now, I’m off to take a well-deserved nap.

For those who read this blog from a warmer climate, thank your lucky stars.

Oh, and I hate all of you who don’t have to put up with this junk! 😉

After shoveling another foot or so on Saturday night, we woke up to clear skies this morning and only another 6″ or so on the ground.

Now are we done?!?

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • All that $$$$$ you make selling paper, think of investing in a snowblower next year. Then it probably won\’t snow and you\’ll be pissed but the rest of us will be very happy.


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