Figuring Things Out

We were treated to absolutely gorgeous spring weather this weekend and that meant my first two full rounds of golf for 2008.

I’m just a bit rusty!

I shot dueling rounds of 82 both Saturday and Sunday. As a point of reference, I didn’t shoot my second round in the 80’s last year until my 10th round and I didn’t shoot a score as high as 82 until the end of May.

I obviously need to hit a driving range and will get that opportunity on my trip to Florida coming up. My problems are likely fundamental in nature but all I know is that I’m having a heck of a time trying to hit a decent iron shot.

Not much really to discuss. I lost out on bets both on Saturday (had to buy lunch for Harry and Toast, who both beat me) and Sunday ($10 in skins lost plus I had to front cash for Harry, who also didn’t claim a skin).

The thing that worries me is…that I’m worried about it. It usually doesn’t take me this long to figure things out but I’m kind of lost out there. My chipping and pitching was horrendous as well so I couldn’t hit greens in regulation AND I had no chance of getting up and down. Not a good combination!

On a positive note, I saw two pretty fine movies this weekend in No Country for Old Men and Juno.

No Country won the Best Picture award at the Academy Awards this year. Javier Bardem was sensational in a role that didn’t contain an awful lot of dialog but his screen presence was incredible. There were some things that kind of left me wanting more, like the last time we saw the Josh Brolin character and the last scene of the movie. I would have liked to have seen a bit more there and felt a bit let down. Still, a fine flick but one I’m not sure is deserving of a best picture.

I’ll tell you something though. I really enjoyed Juno. Really tremendous entertainment, with stellar performances from the entire cast. Ellen Page was phenomenal in the title role and was in almost every frame of the movie. She was nominated for best actress at this past year’s Oscars but didn’t win…a shame. She was that good. The supporting roles were also beautifully realized: Juno’s boyfriend Beeker was spot-on perfect in his role and I also thought Jennifer Garner was excellent. I really enjoyed how fresh the writing was and the lack of cliches, especially with regard to Juno’s parents, who likely qualify as the coolest and funniest I’ve ever seen in a movie. Highly recommended flick.

Anyhoo. Last post to be made for about a week. I’ve got business out of town the next couple days and then it’s off to Florida. I’ll have a lot to talk about when I get back!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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