Back from Sunny Florida

Harry and I flew back into town yesterday afternoon after a fantastic four night vacation in Palm Coast, Florida.

The Ginn Hammock Beach Resort was, in a word, spectacular.

The accommodations and hospitality were eye-popping and the golf was phenomenal. Jack Nicklaus’ Ocean Course lived up to my expectations and Tom Watson’s Conservatory Course EXCEEDED our expectations.

Shockingly enough, both Harry and I preferred the playing experience at the Conservatory over The Ocean Course but that’s something I’ll get into in the next couple days.

There is an awful lot to talk about from our vacation and we also attempted to qualify for the Ontario Better Ball Championship earlier today at the gorgeous Brantford Golf & Country Club, so there’s a bit to say about that as well.

I’m also scheduled to play Eagles Nest GC in Maple, Ontario for the first time tomorrow morning so that should be a treat too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a report on our vacation.

By the way, thanks to Harry for taking the great photo seen in the header at the moment of me following through on a tee shot on the beautiful ninth at The Ocean Course.

And no derogatory comments about my legs! I’ve been working out! They aren’t as tiny as usual!

One comment

  • You followed through? Thankfully, you can\’t make that out in the picture. But, argh, those legs. So skinny and white. You\’ve been working out on them? On what? Putting them up while watching the TV? I\’ve seen more muscle, colour and definition on shellfish.Glad you had a great time. I was really quite envious. The weather over here has taken a turn for the better – I played a course called Roserrow in North Cornwall over the weekend and it was shirt-sleeves weather and I caught the sun a bit, but it doesn\’t quite match up with Florida. But, thankfully, no-one wore shorts.If I ever come to Ontario, I\’ll definitely look you up and see if we can organise a game – I have family in Halifax, Nova Scotia, so it\’s not completely beyond the realms of possibility. Although, having looked it up, Jeez, it\’s further than I thought. I\’m coming to New York next week and that\’s closer than Nova Scotia. Oh well, that\’s what aeroplanes are invented for.Look forward to hearing all about your trip in due course. Now I\’m off to give Harris some stick, too. Share the love – that\’s what I\’m all about.David


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