Hey, I Actually CAN Score!

Really solid weekend of golf at St. Catharines.

I doubled our 18th hole (the 9th) on Saturday from the middle of the fairway to shoot a 76 (+4) from the back tees, my best score of the year. It was good enough to take down Bernie 1up in our match to give me five bucks but I lost ten in the skins game.

Then Sunday I top myself, shooting 74 (+2) while making two birdies, two bogeys and a double. I hit 9 of 13 fairways, 12 greens and hit the ball just beautifully off the tee.

Case in point: on the 568 yard par five 6th hole, I went driver, 3 iron hybrid from 250 yards past the pin over the bunkers on the right and made an easy birdie. Then on the 15th, I had only 262 yards into the green on the 575 yard hole. I’m just in a good place with the driver right now, something that is really affecting Harris in a bad way. He’ll be fine…hell, he made one of the best birdies I’ve ever seen yesterday on #15 and he was too busy thinking about driving distance to talk about it in his blog.

The most important thing for me right now is that I’m making putts again – Saturday especially I made more five footers than I had in all my rounds combined I think.

Good weekend of golf and a good weekend overall, as I had two really solid Mother’s Day dinners too.

I’ll be putting everything aside tonight to finally get back to talking about our trip to Florida and part two of the trip report.


  • Your extra length is likely due to your being fatter than last year and putting your weight behind the ball.This still does not explain why i don\’t hit the ball as far though as I clearly have at least 30 lbs tho… *sigh*


  • Having played every round with you so far this year and seeing the struggles, this was your best all around golf by far this year. Driver and Irons were so freaking on point it was crazy and I think you only missed 1 4 footer all weekend. Only one leg slap all weekend too. Trumped heavily by my swearing and outbursts.


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