The Sweetest Screenshot of the Year


It’s now official…I have qualified for the 2008 Ontario Men’s Mid-Amateur Championship!

I got the good news around 4:00pm Monday afternoon after thinking I was going to get shafted out of a spot.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, the majority of the qualifiers were run Monday and the full field qualifiers (60 participants) were seeing the top 16 players get into the main event. This after my qualifier last week at Bond Head, also with a full field of 60, only had the top 14 PLAYERS get in. I, of course, finished 15th.

What the %($*@?

I vented to Toast via MSN about the predicament but while I was ranting, the Golf Association of Ontario updated the Bond Head qualifier webpage to reflect the fact that they’d be taking the top 16 from our qualifier as well, meaning I was now in the Championship!

I am absolutely ELATED right now! My first provincial championship in 17 years!

Regular playing partner Bernie B. will be joining me at Thornhill G&CC from June 2nd through June 5th for the event, as he also shot a 78 at the local Bridgewater qualifier today but needed retrogression to beat out our fellow St. Catharines G&CC member Mike K. Mike is a second alternate from the Bridgewater qualifier and will likely not get in the tournament. That’s a huge disappointment for him, as he finished in 11th last year and barely missed out on an exemption into this year’s event based on that finish.

There are a few others that I know that made it into the championship and I’m still anxiously awaiting word from two other qualifiers, those at Oshawa and Westmount, as they haven’t been updated on the GAO site yet. I know a few people who were playing in those qualifiers and it would be nice to have them in the tournament as well to make my first experience that much better.

Lots more to come in the weeks ahead on this and you can certainly expect a full report, with photos of my experience at Thornhill after the tournament takes place.

Cloud nine, here I come!

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