2008 Niagara Men’s Tour – Event Two (Grand Niagara)

I continue to try to catch up on this blog without success. I still have one last post to make about the Florida trip and I also need to document my experience at the World Hockey Championships last week in Quebec City.

I’m also less than a week away from my first ever Ontario Mid-Amateur Championship and I’d like to write about that as well.

I’m taking on just a bit too much these days by the looks of things.

Anyway, I played Saturday at Glencairn with my wife’s uncle and my partner in this year’s Men’s Invitational at St. Catharines, coming up in a couple weeks.

I’m starting to hate that golf course – quirky, which is fine, but the overly penal bunkers were driving me nuts. Of course, it wouldn’t bother me if I was hitting the ball better, especially with my irons, but I digress…

I shot a ‘computer’ 84, as my real score likely was a couple shots higher due to triples. I lost another $15.00 in bets as my better ball partner on the day (thankfully NOT my member/guest partner) shot about a 120 on a 18 handicap…wonderful. I still haven’t profited from ONE DAY in golf this year! I’m down $50.00 in bets at the moment!

Dinner was also mediocre that night at the Glencairn clubhouse and the service was wretched. My host was not happy! Makes the problems at our club seem minuscule by comparison…just a bad day but the company was good.

That brings us to Sunday and the second leg of the Niagara Men’s Tour. I’m not going to go into too much detail about the problems we had at Grand Niagara as a tour – simply put, the course overbooked itself, scheduling both our tour and the larger Great Lakes Tour on the same day and it caused chaos.

We were forced to go off both tees about an hour after our scheduled times, causing mass confusion. I ended up teeing off last IN A FIVESOME because one of the players, who was on the range well before his tee time, wasn’t directed to the 10th tee for his time and he missed it. So I let the kid play with us.

What a disaster this day was from every standpoint. You needed the patience of a saint and all of the work that was thrust upon me by the tour (I’m a new committee member) affected me adversely on the day. I actually missed a four inch putt on our fifth hole (the par three 14th) due to the fact I wanted to get out of the way and not wait around five more minutes to tap in with four others still to putt.

I didn’t even hit the hole!

My driving of the ball continues to be unbelievable – I’ve gained close to 10 more yards this year off the tee and most importantly, I’m hitting it straighter. I don’t know what it is – I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (over 15 pounds) but I’m averaging almost 290 yards per fairway-hit tee shot these days.

However, everything else in my game is awful. I’m hitting my irons quite poorly and my GIR stats are way down. Most importantly, my short game is just awful.

I kid you not but I’m zero for my last 19 sand opportunities and I’m getting up and down only once every six times on the year.

The ugliest stat is my putting – specifically my putting when hitting greens in regulation. I’m actually three putting more than I’m one putting, which is almost inconceivable for a lower handicap player. Yes, I’m averaging more than 2 putts per GIR. Kind of hard to score or make birdies if that’s happening.

It added up to four three-putts and five putts missed inside five feet on Sunday, including a complete yip on my last hole of the day, which gave me an unsightly 83 (+11) for the day at Grand Niagara to place me in a tie for 24th on the day.

Hell, Harris even beat me!

I’ve got to be a hell of a lot stronger mentally to get through tough days like Sunday. I just continually rushed because guys in my group were all over hell’s half acre (one of my playing partners shot 103 and two others carded nine hole scores of 49…tough day for everyone!) when I should have just accepted our fate and tried as best as I could.

I’m going to try not to get worried but it’s hard when I have such a big tournament coming up next week. I’ve got to be better on the greens and maybe a full weekend at St. Catharines coming up will help me get a bit of practice time on the greens. Laugh all you want Toasty, but I didn’t even have three minutes of putting time on the two days combined – at least at St. Catharines, I can show up 20 minutes early and get a few putts in before I play.

I’m also in 24th overall on the Tour after two events, while Harris is in 30th. There was one good thing that happened on Sunday – I won the Tour’s 50/50 draw, which netted me a cool $85.00. Makes up for my skins losses this year at least! 😉

Our next event is at Riverview GC in Fenwick, a dogtrack I’ve heard bad things about but never played. Probably not a good omen for me…I think I’m going to be in the first group that goes off so that should help somewhat.

Back later in the week with more updates from a busy life. Sorry about this mess of a post…too tired to correct any redundant sentences.


  • Hey MattIsn\’t golf an utterly stupid game, sometimes?I took 3 weeks off to go on holiday, before which time I was hitting the ball pretty well and REALLY close to playing good golf, and since I\’ve come back, I\’ve completely forgotten how to drive the ball off the tee. What makes it more annoying, I think, is that a couple of times a round I\’ll absolutely launch one over 300 yards exactly where I aimed it and then hit the next one sideways. But the rest of the game\’s fine, once I get the ball in play, I\’m good to go and my short game has always been my strength. Maybe we should team up. You can do the driving and I\’ll do the irons and putting.I know exactly how you feel about playing in a group which was too large and rushing and turning your brain off. I skipped off work early yesterday to meet my buddy and try and squeeze 18 practice holes in. We played the front 9 just us 2 and I shot something around level par and was pretty happy. Another couple joined us on the back and my rhythm and brain completely went to shot and I could hardly do anything properly as I wanted to make sure we got in before the sun went down. By the end, I didn\’t even want to be out there any more. Same as you, I should have just relaxed, concentrated on what I wanted to do and what I was doing and just played properly. It\’s easy when you\’re home, thinking about it, isn\’t it? For you as for me, it will come in time. We both know we can do it – just let it come to you with time.I have a suggestion for you – let Harris write your last post about Florida (just tell him what you generally want to say), let him write it in his style from your point of view and just post it here. No-one will notice the difference. A couple of references to the boss and boogies aside, it\’ll be fine.Sorry this has been so long. I get carried away.David


  • Harris:Your attempts to be funny regarding my driving distance are really quite pathetic – almost as pathetic as you trying to keep up to me in the fairways this year.BHAHAHAHAHAHA! HARRIS IS A GIRLIE MAN!


  • I also am averaging 290 per drive… no, really… why are you laughing at me… im SERIOUS IM HITTING IT 290 PER DRIVE… STOP LAUGHING AT ME!


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