Well, I’m Not in Last!

I played like garbage today. Yeah, it poured for almost the entire round but a lot of others had to endure the same conditions, so no excuses.

I just didn’t hit the ball well enough today but I did play better than my score indicates.

I shot an 85. Still don’t know how I really did it but it is what it is. I’m not upset, just a bit disappointed is all.

What a wild start – with rain teaming down, I slice my opening drive into the woods right of the fairway. I hit a provisional even further into the trees. Ha!

Thankfully, we found my original, I punched out to about 130 yards then hit it on the green about 15 feet away. Boom, in she goes for the wild par!

Number two is a shortish par four and I hit 4-iron dead center. I’m left with a little 8-iron and I duff it into the hazard. Nice!

I’d drop, hit short of the green, chip on and miss my putt…that’s a triple bogey seven for those counting at home.

I’d par the third hole then make a great birdie on the par four 4th hole so I’m okay at +2 through four.

Then, the wheels fell off. My club slipped a bit in the rain on the par three fifth and I ended up about 15 yards short of the green. My pitch shot ran through the green to the back and I’d three putt that for double.

Then on the tough par four sixth, I hit my ball down the right side and watched it take a hideous kick to the right…into a hazard. I’d drop, hit just short, chip on and two putt for another double.

The greatness would continue. I’d make yet another double on the par three 7th from right beside the green, taking four shots to get in the hole from about 20 feet.

No nerves again…just terrible chipping and unlucky on the greens.

Gosh, I’m sick of recapping.

Let’s just say the rest of the round was more of the same, just with no more doubles.

Most of my approach shots were decent but would spin back off the green and I rarely was able to get up and down. I shot a 44 on the front and came in with a 41 on the back.

Funny enough, the 85 was the best in my group. Yup, we’re world beaters.

Again, disappointing but not the end of the world. I still get one more round tomorrow before they cut my ass from the tournament. Maybe I’ll take a cart and roll it into the water to get my money’s worth or something.

Hey, it’s great just being in the tournament so no tears from me!

Ah, who am I kidding…I hate shooting bad scores like that…hopefully tomorrow is a better day, both weather-wise and on the scoreboard.


  • if you makes you feel any better, Cal didn\’t think you\’d break 90. So atleast you did better then what he expected from you. I thought you\’d be 76. I think ED (english dave\’s new nickname) will be saddened by your misfortune and leave a very touching comment to make you feel better.


  • I am saddened by your misfortune. I would like to leave very touching comment to make you feel better. I reckon I could probably shoot 85 in the rain around a course a sight easier than the one you\’re playing. I don\’t like playing in the rain … unless I\’ve got my boots on and then I can splash in all the puddles. Then I love it.You can still make the cut – you just have to go out and shoot 64 or lower in the second round. Piece of piss. Come on man, put the effort in.Please, PLEASE take a cart and drive it into the water. And video yourself doing it and post that on here, too. I would laugh so hard, I might poop myself.DavidP.S. Toast is a meanie, isn\’t he?


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