Thornhill CC Wins the Battle

Well, I am defeated. The golf course won the battle again today.

For awhile, I thought I was going to come out on top and even had aspirations of making the cut. I figured I’d need about a 71 and it turns out a 74 would have been good enough.

I actually had it going alright today. I hit a perfect drive on the first and a good second but three putted for a bogey. No problem…

I’d par the second and third and hit my first bad shot of the day on the fourth, making another bogey. +2 through 4, same score as yesterday.

However, I’d make a good par on the fifth to better yesterdays score by two shots so I figured I was ahead of the game.

Not so fast. For the second straight day, I’d push/slice my tee shot on the par four sixth into the hazard and make yet another double bogey. +4 through 6.

That’s when things got interesting for me. I’d par the seventh hole then chip in for birdie on the par five eighth. I followed that with a good two-putt par on nine to shoot a 38 (+3) on the front.

Not bad! Still in it!

I’d par the 10th, bogey 11 then make great pars on both 12 and 13 to sit at a solid +4 through 13.

I’m grinding away like usual, making good two putt pars most of the way and hitting a lot of greens. However, my driver was really letting me down – I had yet to hit a fairway with it on the day.

So I took out a 4-iron, which had served me well through the first two days, on the mid-length par four 14th. I hit my first bad shot with it, into the trees right of the fairway. I’d smartly pitch out, hit on and three putt again for double.

I was slightly perturbed but not upset yet. Still two par fives to play…

Well, the golf course completely got me on the next hole, the downhill par five 15th. The last two days, my approach shots spun wildly back off the green, which tilts severely from back to front.

I had only 125 yards for my third shot, usually a pitching wedge and an easy one at that. I decided I’d need a punch 8-iron today into a slight breeze to keep the spin off the ball and stay on the green.

Huge mistake…I’d pull the half shot into the bunker. Still, no big deal right? Well, on this green, it was a killer. It would take me 5 SHOTS to get down from that bunker, as I sprayed it past the hole onto the collar, then watched my chip roll half way to the hole then come back down the slope right to the same position it was just in. Nice. I’d take three more to get down from there, making a triple bogey eight.

Note to Harry: at least two legs slaps, multiple curse words, taking the Lord’s name in vein, and one smack of the turf with my driver on this hole or on my way to the next tee.

Still tilting hard, I pull my drive on the dogleg left par four 16th towards some trees and it smacks something hard. No big deal, it’s pretty open over there…

Only, we don’t find my ball. I was RUNNING trying to find it inside the five minute window but no luck – I had to make the long trek back to the tee and reload. I’d smack my best tee ball of the day from there but still would make triple once again.

Unbelievable. From +4 and looking good through 13…I go +8 on the next three holes.

I’d finish off by missing a five footer for birdie on the 17th, making par and making an all-world two putt par on the 18th for an 83 and a two-day total of 168, missing the cut by nine shots.

Bernie was 86 today but it offers little consolation. I had a chance today but the big scores just were too much for me to overcome this week. You can’t make three triples and 7 or 8 doubles during a tournament and expect to make a cut.

I’m more disappointed today than I was yesterday but I’m sure I’ll get over it in the next couple of days. I still got to play in a provincial event for the first time in almost two decades so I’m sure I’ll eventually look back fondly on the event.

It just makes me want to get back to the dance next year.

One comment

  • Bad luck, Matt. Thornhill sounds tough. We don\’t have many of the fast, slopy greens over here unless you play on the proper links courses, in which case you can hit an excellent shot and still not finish within 50 feet of the hole.Never mind, I\’m sure Harry still loves you. Everyone else, I\’m not so sure. And, as you say, there\’s always next year.I think I probably would have shot 2 68\’s … would that have been good enough? Those 68\’s would have been for each 9, of course.David


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