Smiling Like a Cheshire Cat

I‘m having a hard time containing the grin on my face right now.

See, I’m playing in the Auction Pool tournament at the golf club this weekend, a three-person scramble tournament with an ‘A’ player, a ‘B’ player and a ‘C’ player, with the teams selected carefully so that the handicaps pretty much all add up to the same number.

This is my first Auction Pool and tonight was the auction portion of the event, with all of the teams up for bid. Minimum bid for any team was $500 and bids moved in $50.00 increments.

I was told that it was best to be drawn early, as the guys aren’t really hammered up yet on the free booze and that the bidding really starts to intensify late in the proceedings as guys try to get the overall pot built up as big as possible.

There are 24 groups playing in the event this year and the one rule is that if you aren’t prepared to match the bids for your team, you are allowed to buy back half your team from the winning bidder.

I’ve never played with either of my partners for the event but we talked beforehand and were prepared to buy a full share of our team as long as the bidding didn’t exceed $1200.00.

We were drawn a little past the half way point and got very lucky when a couple of teams got bid up very large just in front of us by the two really active bidders in the event. Each ended up getting stuck with the team they bid up, neither of them being their own team so both guys were silent during the bidding for my team.

My team ended up going for the bargain basement price of $600.00, or $200.00 per man. We tied for the lowest price of any team in the event and went for HALF the price of my buddy Harry’s team. Harry, unfortunately, was drawn LAST in the auction so that meant a bunch of guys tried to intentionally get the pot up in a last ditch effort.

HAHAHAHAHA. I love it!

Now, either we got very lucky because of those guys blowing their wad early or maybe the rest of the club thinks I suck ass at golf. Or maybe they don’t like my partners. Or maybe all of my networking at the club meant guys didn’t want to bid me up. I don’t know, nor do I care.

All I know is that I was called a thief the rest of the night by most of the guys in the event.

The total pot in the Auction Pool is somewhere around $23,500.00 and the owner of the 1st place team gets 50% of the pot. That means if we win, we split $11,750 between the three of us, which would be over $3900.00 each.

That is a pretty nice return on a $200.00 investment!

2nd place gets 30% of the pot and 3rd place gets 20%.

Now, all I can hope for is that no one puts money down on us in the pari-mutuel betting and if we win, boy oh boy will those tickets ever pay off too! There are also ‘Personal Challenges’, similar to what went on at the member/guest tournament and I’ve already got matches against Harry, Bernie and Matt N to begin with. I’m going to work on getting more guys to bet against on Sunday morning before we tee off.

I feel like a bandit right now! I’m going to play my ass off on Sunday and prove the guys who didn’t bid on me wrong!

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