An Unexpected Outcome

Not going to go into much detail here, as my game on Sunday doesn’t warrant much exposition.

I have a couple excuses I could throw out but in the end, I just didn’t have it on Sunday. I had nothing, in fact.

I had to make a 25 footer on the 1st hole just to save par then bogeyed the second hole to go +1. Relatively solid pars followed on the next three holes but a poor drive into the fairway bunker on the sixth resulted in another bogey.

No big deal right? Just +2 through six.

After a 25 minute wait on the par three 7th, I hit just a horrible shot that barely clears the creek. It then hits a rock and runs hard to the right along the waters edge…somehow staying out.

I have no shot at the flag, which is sitting front left, due to the fact that my ball is sitting up against the rock. My only play is to go to the back of the green and I have about a 70 foot putt for par. I leave it 20 feet short but somehow regain my composure enough to MAKE THAT for the ridiculous bogey.

I’m stupid enough to think I have to start pressing and after hitting a solid tee shot on the par five 8th, I have about 215 yards into the green but the ball just rolled into a shady-looking lie. Figuring I need to make something happen, I give it a go and fall short, landing in the creek short of the green. I’d pitch long, chip to three feet and miss the putt, making a crippling double.

I’d finish with a 41 on the front and I was just gassed. I had no fight in me on this day, something that is unusual for my grinding ass.

My buddy Jay, who has caddied for me in the past, showed up to watch me just as I hit my tee shot on the par three 12th into the water. I’d hit a good third shot to four feet and MISS that too. Another double.

My drive on 13 would go left but I’d have a clear shot at the flag. However, my luck on this day ensures that the lie is putrid and I couldn’t get the ball in the air, hitting a tree 20 yards in front of me and cruelly falling right down in it. I’d chip out and make another double.

Knowing I’d need to play at least one under just to make the cut, I try with everything I have to make a run for one but just miss on the par five 15th then am forced to get up and down on 16 just to save par. I’d then have a great chance on the 17th but leave my birdie putt on the lip just short. Ugh.

Needing birdie on 18, I hit another awful drive left into the trees and end up making yet another double bogey. I didn’t think it was possible but I shot 83 and MISSED THE CUT.

Wow. This ranks up there with one of the more disappointing events I’ve ever played, especially considering how well I’ve played almost all season.

I did learn a few lessons though –

#1: Avoid working in my warehouse and lifting heavy crap in the days proceeding the tournament
#2: Stay in my normal routine…don’t play nine holes the day before the club championships and especially, don’t ever practice if you don’t do it already!
#3: Don’t drink three bottles of wine at dinner the night before your second round
#4: Don’t try to cut up an orange before your round of golf on Sunday just in case you accidentally cut your thumb open

Yeah, all that crap happened along with some medical concerns that popped up last week with my wife’s pregnancy but it probably wouldn’t have mattered. I just played like complete garbage on Sunday and suck ass at golf again. My driver especially let me down, big time. It was embarrassing how bad I hit it off the tee.

In more positive news, Toast finished in SECOND PLACE after shooting rounds of 74-77-74. Just awesome stuff. I caddied for him yesterday and he played great, controlled golf, hitting at least 14 greens in regulation and outplaying everyone but the eventual champion, Mike K, who shot a scintillating 213 (-3) over the three day event.

Congrats to the Toastman!

As for me, there’s always next year…and ‘A’ Flight instead of Open!

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