Score Golf Top 100 in Canada; Golf Magazine Top 100 Public in USA

Quiet weekend on the golf front for yours truly.

Played decently on Saturday in a group with my regular partners in crime, Harry and Toast, shooting 76. Deserved better, was pretty accurate off the tee again but just couldn’t get key putts to drop. Toast shot a fine 73 and Harry was excellent as well, shooting 77.

Crazy enough, I skipped golf on Sunday in a planned move in order to get some painting done. Well, to be honest, I would rather have been playing golf but I had been putting off the painting all summer and pretty much owed it to my wife to get it done this weekend.

I value my life over the four hours spent on the golf course, lets put it that way. 😉

Moral of the story? Just ask Toast and Harry, as I preach those three little words every weekend at the golf course 😉

Regardless, the painting is done and did take the entire day (8:30am to 4:00pm) so it WAS necessary to skip the golf. At least it’s out of the way and I can get back to my regular routine once again!

Let’s move on…

I love lists, especially those that talk about golf courses. Two publications recently released their ‘Best of’ lists, with Golf Magazine releasing their top 100 public courses in the United States and Score Golf listing the top 100 courses overall in Canada.

According to Golf, the best public course in the US is Pacific Dunes in Oregon, taking over the crown from Pebble Beach. If you recall, Harry and I had preliminary discussions about taking our spring trip to the Bandon Dunes Resort but he didn’t want to travel all the way out west when we only had five days to play with.

One day, I’ll get out there. All three courses on the resort are rated extremely high, with Pacific Dunes at #1, Bandon Dunes at #6 and Bandon Trails listed at #15. Not too shabby.

I have played three courses that were listed on the 2006 rankings: Cog Hill (Dubsdread Course) was ranked #22, Princeville (Prince Course) was ranked #30 and Ginn Hammock Beach Resort (Ocean Course) was ranked 78th.

Unbelievably, Cog Hill DROPPED RIGHT OFF THE LIST! From 22nd to GONE! That makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Almost like an oversight – the course certainly doesn’t deserve to be ranked at 22nd but I definitely think it’s a top-100 public track.

Princeville stayed right at the same spot, sticking at #30 while the Ocean Course at Hammock Beach moved up from 78th to 74th. Funny enough, Harry’s preferred course at Hammock Beach, Tom Watson’s Conservatory, isn’t ranked.

On to Canada, as Score Golf posted their 2008 rankings on the top courses in the country.

The new #1 is The National, a club I haven’t had the chance to play. In fact, I haven’t played any courses in the top 15. That’s pretty ugly. Well, I DID play St. George’s (#3) when I was a teenager but I don’t count that in my ‘Courses I’ve Played’ list, as I only count courses I’ve played since I took up golf again in 2000 – I don’t really have much recollection of courses played prior to that year and didn’t really appreciate architecture until I started playing again as an adult.

Taboo is the highest ranked course that I’ve played in Canada, dropping to 18th from its former spot at number 11. I like the course but think it’s rated a bit high. Glen Abbey dropped from 13th to 19th while Bigwin Island dropped to 21st from 16th.

There are three courses I’ve played that made their debut on this list: Eagles Nest debuts at #23 in the country, probably a good slot for the Doug Carrick design. Another Carrick course, Muskoka Bay, comes in at #26. I *really* like Muskoka Bay and would personally rate it higher than Taboo.

Also, the Club at Bond Head’s South Course makes its debut on the list near the bottom at #99.

In all, I’ve played only 17 of the top 100 in the country, with the other courses being Osprey Valley – Heathlands (36th), Brantford GCC (41st), Deerhurst Highlands (50th), Rosedale GC (54th), Deer Ridge (57th), Wooden Sticks (61st), Angus Glen – South Course (69th), Heron Point (73rd), Osprey Valley – Hoot (77th), Lookout Point CC (86th) and Thornhill GCC (94th).

Interestingly enough, I have played three courses that dropped out of this year’s rankings from 2006 – Cherry Hill was ranked 89th in ’06, Niagara Parks – Whirlpool was ranked 91st and Lionhead – Legends was ranked 97th. They all dropped off the list.

I will be adding to this total soon, however. I have a tee time set up in eight days at the very exclusive Oviinbyrd GC in Muskoka, which debuted on the list this year at #29. I’m pretty excited about that, let me tell you!

I also plan on taking one of my old friends up on his offer of playing St. George’s. I have some business meetings in Toronto in mid-September and will try to schedule a mid-week round with him there while I’m in the big city.

I’d like to strike one more off this list by the end of the year as well – hopefully I can get Harry and Cal to join me at a place like St. Thomas or something better…I wonder if I can call in a favour and get on a place like The National or Hamilton G&CC…hmmm.

Likely too much to ask but time will tell!

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  • Hey MattWhen baby Bosela is born, will he/she be able to beat Harris at squash as well as you?I think playing 17 of the top 100 in Canada is pretty good. I've hardly played any of the top 100 in Britain – we have a stretch of 6 or 7 decent links courses on the north coast of Devon & Cornwall, most of which I have played (except Trevose, which is supposed to be terrific) which are in there and a couple of parkland courses nearby (like St Mellion – Nicklaus) but, apart from that, I have only played 2 courses at St Andrews and both courses at Carnoustie. You can really tell the quality with all of these, as I guess you probably can with those that you have played. But, anyway, 17 beats me comfortably – it's about twice as many as me.But get out there and play more and tell us all about it – it's always great hearing about other people's experiences.All the bestDavid


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