Buying New Wedges!

Hey, a golf related post!

I have a bunch of credit I have to spend at the golf club before Christmas, as our current Director of Golf is leaving for another club in 2009.

The grooves on my current set of wedges were lacking bite, so to speak, so I figure now is a good time to upgrade, especially with the end of year deals and whatnot going on in the market.

I’ve settled on these puppies, the Z TP Wedges from Taylor-Made. I’m getting three of them: a 52 degree with 8 degrees bounce, a 56 degree with 12 degrees bounce and finally a 60 degree with 6 degrees bounce.

They come in a smoke finish and I’ll be getting them bent to my specifications.

Unfortunately, I won’t get to test drive my new toys until March next year! Snow is on the ground here in the Niagara Region and the clubs have been put away until the spring!

I’ll be back this weekend with my Year-End Review.

I just want to note that unlike my pal Cal, who promotes products on his blog for profit, I’m actually PAYING for these wedges with my own money.

However, if anyone from Taylor-Made happens across my modest piece of internet space, I’d have no moral difficulty whatsoever in accepting a handout, especially since my whole bag is filled with your weapons!

Hell, I’ll even try your ball if you want. Call me!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Hey MattThose wedges are fricking sexy. I play with Titleist Vokey's, with which I have absolutely no complaints, but I have had my eye on a set of those sexy Taylor-Mades for a while now. If and when I change mine, I will be looking at those first and foremost. I tried out a set of Cleveland wedges the other day and I did not like them AT ALL. Clunky & Horrible.I have also hit the Taylor Made balls, both Black & Red – they are excellent. Long, they hold their line well in the wind and tons of chew at the other end. I couldn't choose between them. They're as long as anything out there and they spin as much as anything I've ever hit, too. I don't play with only one brand or make – I'm happy with whatever tour calibre ball(whether it's Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway, Srixon, Bridgestone, Nike, whatever!) I can pick up that offers top quality performance at the right price. What do you use?Congrats again on the baby and if I ever get round your way, can I have a go on your wedges?Cheers!


  • IF you get free stuff I should get free stuff too. I\’ve been personally sponsored by Talor Made for years. Including all 3 of those wedges last year. Stop trying to be me.


  • Hey ED…Glad to see you have a profile up…now we just need to see you start your own blog! And really, who wouldn\’t want to hear more about zombies and boobs?Interestingly enough, while my entire bag (and the bag itself) is filled with Taylor-Made products, I play the Titleist Pro V1x for the most part.I was given a dozen Taylor Made samples in the spring and took them with me on the Florida trip with Harris. They are certainly long…long enough that I was constantly putting my drives 15+ yards past Harris, which made him curl up into a little ball at night and cry like my newborn when he\’s looking for his momma\’s boob.However, I just didn\’t like the feel around the greens…both balls felt a bit firm compared to the softer cover on the Titleist so I\’ve always reverted back to that ball. We\’ll see how the whole lawsuit thing shakes down over the coming months.Hmm…I still have to do a \’What\’s in my Bag\’ feature here…perhaps when the new wedges come in. And yeah, I suppose you can \’have a go\’ at my wedges but you\’ll likely be fighting over them with Harris. Just no \’three-ways\’ please.And Harris…really…it\’s getting ridiculous. Yeah, you got your irons before I did but I was trialling them for weeks before placing my order…you hit one shot with my demos and placed your order immediately. You\’ve always copied me but I must applaud the fact you\’re relatively discrete about it…I haven\’t seen any sweater vests from you yet and really, you\’re missing out! Good lookin\’ and comfortable too!


  • Hey MattThanks for replying – it\’s always nice to see someone acknowledge your existence.I\’m really not convinced about starting a blog of my own. Firstly, I have virtually nothing of any interest to say and I fear it would quickly devolve into me just whining about a bunch of meaningless crap, because, really, who wants to read about me playing golf in about my handicap AGAIN or having friends round to watch MMA? No-one, that\’s who. And Secondly, I only access the internet at work, so while that gives me time to leave comments for some of my favourite people (and Harris), it\’s not enough to compose something decent, and I\’m not doing it from home. So that\’s why … at the moment.I like Titleists – who doesn\’t? But I do find that, as I hit the ball fairly hard, I put a lot of spin on it and it\’s not unknown for me to pitch the ball 20 feet on the green and then spin it right back off the front, particularly with the Pro V1 but even with the Pro V1x. While it\’s always fun to impress your friends and zip a Pro V1 around, I prefer a firmer cover like the Pro V1x or something firmer still so that I can get it to just pitch and stop, so I can control it a bit.But, yeah, I\’m interested to see what happens with the Callaway/Titleist lawsuit too. It\’ll all pan out in the long run.David


  • Hey HarrisI\’m only stalking Matt because you broke my heart. I opened myself up to you, and let you in, and you … you dashed my feelings against the cold hard cliffs of despair.And then you left me. And I checked every day for some sign of communication or acknowledgement from you and all I ever get is a badly typed plug for a glove cleaning company. That\’s no good to me, Harris! I need love and tenderness, hugs and cuddles. I need you to understand my feelings and myriad emotions. At the very fucking least, tell me how badly your twelvety-hundred Fantasy Football teams are doing.I loved you, Harris, and now I feel empty and cold inside. I\’m a shell of my former self.


  • Well done ED. Hilarious. I\’m sorry for the non-existent blog. I grew tired of posting about my miserable accomplishments on and off the golf course.


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