Fantasy Football Meltdown

Apologies in advance for making a post that’s not centered on golf…

I had a great year in the one fantasy football league that I’m in called “Trash Talking is a Must”. It’s a pretty significant league from a monetary standpoint, as the entry fee is $200.00 for the year.

I drafted a pretty solid team all things considered after getting saddled with a brutal draft position once again and was fortunate not to run into too many injury problems during the year, with only Reggie Bush missing significant time.

It added up to the best record in the league in the regular season, as I tied another guy with identical 10-3 records. However, I lost my one head-to-head matchup with that guy so I missed out on the $200.00 prize for winning the regular season.

No big deal, as there was plenty of money being paid out for the playoff rounds. I got a bye into the semifinals so I was in great shape, with three out of the four teams left getting paid out. First place gets $1320.00, second gets $550.00 and the winner of the consolation game gets $250.00.

Of course, I run into the one matchup I didn’t want and lose my semifinal matchup, even though my point total would have beat BOTH guys in the other semi.


So I’m relegated to the consolation final and I’m in decent shape until Buffalo’s Marshawn Lynch goes down with an injury yesterday afternoon, leaving me six points behind my opponent, with each of us having one other guy left to play.

His guy was DeAngelo Williams on Carolina, who proceeded to score FOUR F’ING TOUCHDOWNS last night in a monstrous performance, leaving me over 40 points behind with Aaron Rodgers left to play. I’ll need the best performance by a QB in this league all year to have a chance so needless to say, it looks like I’m going to finish in fourth.

Of course, there is a good chance after tonight’s game that my point total would have been good enough to beat both guys in the actual finals so I’m feeling a bit ticked right now at my lack of luck in fantasy.

Two bad rolls of the dice, as the Toastman might say…

No fantasy football for this cat next year, I’m afraid.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my long-delayed ‘Golf Season in Review’ for 2008.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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