Getting Warmer…

What a crazy winter we’ve had here in the Niagara Region.

Just a ridiculous amount of cold weather and snow has given way to temperatures creeping well above ten degrees Celsius over the past five days and all the white stuff has disappeared. Of course, this has me thinking about golf!

As indicated, Harry and I have signed up to play in the Ontario Better Ball for the third straight year. We haven’t made it through qualifying either time and we’re going to play Burlington G&CC this year, a course neither of us have played in the past. I’m looking forward to it after hearing great things from Stevie G, our resident Agronomy expert.

After saying that I’m going to be cutting back on tournament golf this year, for some reason I have been thinking about playing a couple of events on the GolfTown Tour in ’09.

The wife won’t be happy with that! Ha!

You see, the GolfTown Tour play almost every week and tee up at some of the better courses in the province. There are a couple interesting stops on this year’s schedule, namely Devil’s Paintbrush, the 10th best course in Canada according to and Coppinwood CC, a Tom Fazio design that’s ranked 28th in the country.

If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know I’m fascinated with playing great golf courses so getting the chance to play these two exclusive, private clubs is tempting to say the least.

I will say, however, that costs are prohibitive – the GolfTown Tour has a ‘membership’ fee of $155.00 which entitles you to basically nothing. You get the opportunity to tee up in any event but you still have to PAY for each individual event and the fees are VERY high. I’m talking $180.00 per round…which is simply nuts.

So I doubt I’ll join but the long time away from golf has me at least THINKING about it.

It’s getting close to the time where I would be receiving information about our club’s annual Member/Guest tournament as well. I played in it for the first time last year and had a blast with my wife’s uncle, an avid player. It’s a lot of cheese as well so I have some decisions to make!

In some non-golf related news, a shock I know…

My old man has been very sick the last three weeks and is scheduled to have his gallbladder taken out on Friday. It will likely be a three to four week recovery period after that but the surgery is expected to be relatively routine.

I guess I bring it up just to remind myself how short our time can be in this thing called life. Keep your fingers crossed for the silly bastard 😉

And now, to finish things off, a picture of the best looking dude in the world, my ray of sunshine Evan.



  • Never thought I\’d hear your father referred to as \”Silly Bastard\”. My fingers are crossed though.Cute kid, whose is it?


  • Yeah, you must not have seen the pictures of him making faces at Evan.Goofy or Silly are two adjectives I never thought would ever be associated with my old man but give the dude credit…he\’s trying!


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