Finally! A New Post!

I can’t believe over a month has passed since I last wrote.

Work and life have never been busier. My father was scheduled for gallbladder surgery on February 13th and actually made it to the operating table before the surgeon stopped the procedure due to severe pancreatitis. He was put under and everything, had holes cut into his stomach for the procedure but it was too risky to continue.

He spent about three weeks in the hospital before finally being released last week but he still hasn’t had the surgery. It could be months before he’s well enough to have the procedure done but at least he’s home, in no pain and resting comfortably.

With that said, there’s enormous pressure on me at work to handle his affairs while also taking care of my own job within the company and it’s meant quite a few late nights and some weekends at the office, something I’m not used to. It’s especially hard when I can’t get home to see my happy four month old son but if this is the worst hand life can deal me, I know how lucky I am…

Still no golf in our neck of the woods but it’s coming much sooner than we probably expected. I’m told that our short game practice facility will likely open in the next couple of days, a precursor to the actual course opening. Temperatures crept above 10 Celsius today and may reach 15 degrees tomorrow.

March golf would be TREMENDOUS!

Still, even if we get the inevitable late March or early April snowfall, it looks like we’ll be swinging the sticks much earlier than last year.

There will be some changes to the blog. No longer will I be boring you with my personal golf statistics in the sidebar. I’m pretty sure the only person interested in those numbers is yours truly!

In their place will be links to posts I’ve written on my great golf experiences in my life. I’ve started off by listing the three courses I’ve had the good fortune of playing that sit on the Golf Digest Top 100 in the United States list: Oakmont Country Club, Princeville (Prince Course) and Riviera Country Club. You can click on the links in the sidebar at the right to read about my adventures at those great clubs.


The next list I’ll provide is the Golf Digest Top 100 Public Courses in the US. Princeville is on that list as well, along with three other courses I’ve been lucky enough to play. I will provide writeups and reviews of the other three in the days ahead, with the first course being Cog Hill and the Dubsdread Course (the 18th hole is shown above), home of the PGA Tour’s Western Open.

Once that list is done, I’ll move onto reviewing courses I’ve played that are listed by ScoreGolf magazine as being the best in Canada. I’ve currently played 18 of the top 100 so there will be a lot to write about in the weeks and months ahead!


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