It was a lovely weekend weather-wise and with my health pretty much at 100%, that meant two wonderful days of golf.

Unfortunately for me, the golf game was in disarray all weekend long.

On Saturday, I didn’t hit a green in regulation until the TENTH HOLE and even that approach shot almost spun back off the green from 80 yards. I’d go out in 43 shots and was +11 through 14 holes before finally hitting a few decent shots coming in. I’d par 15 and miss about a five footer on 16 for birdie to settle for another before almost holing a 5-iron on the 222 yard par three 17th (it was screaming downwind).

I’d kick that in for my first birdie on that hole in three years. Unreal. I’d also par 18 to at least finish in style for a round of 82 and lose $5.00 to Cal in our regular $5.00 Nassau. I ended up hitting a whopping five greens in regulation for the day but actually drove it decently, all things considered.

That said, I figured I’d DEFINITELY be better on Sunday after ironing out the kinks in the swing the day before but boy, did I have another thing coming.

The wind was howling from the Northeast, a strange wind direction for our course, one pretty much opposite the prevailing wind. That meant a hybrid instead of an iron off the first hole, a rarity. I’d smoke one down the middle to start but little did I know that would likely be the shot of the day for yours truly.

I’d skull my 9-iron approach over the green and duff my way to a double. I’d bogey the second, make a nice up and in for par on the third but double the fourth after duffing a bunker shot. Bogeys would follow on the fifth and sixth and then I FINALLY hit my first green in regulation for the day on the par three seventh, hitting it into about four feet. I’d make that for the nice birdie but follow it up with two more bogeys on eight and nine to shoot a wicked 44.

My iron play is just rotten, to say the least. I laid the sod over the ball on the fifth from the middle of the fairway with a six iron, which is my favourite club in the bag so that’s saying something.

The back started with promise, as I almost hit the par five 10th in two but made a pretty easy up and in for birdie then barely missed another at the shortish par four 11th.

However, for the second day in a row, I’d hook my tee shot on the tough par 3 12th into the water and would fight to save bogey both on that hole and the following hole, making a 12 footer to do so. I actually duffed TWO SHOTS on the 13th to put myself in that position.

Such a struggle all day.

Routine bogey on the 14th (tee shot short, stone hand a chip 12 feet long, miss the putt) was followed by a terrible double bogey seven on the par five 15th hole after a good drive. I couldn’t even layup with my irons on this day.

By the way, at this point I have more doubles (3) than pars (2) and just as many birdies (2) as pars.

Again. Rotten.

I’d make a routine par on 16, barely missing my birdie putt. The par three 17th was fun, as it was playing into a wicked wind and I had to nail a 2-iron hybrid (biggest club in my bag other than driver) just to get to the front edge of the fringe. Heck, it was so windy that Cal used driver and still came up short!

I’d make par there then make a terrible bogey from the middle of the fairway on the 18th, again missing my approach by a mile in the story of the weekend to shoot a ridiculously bad 85.

I hit nine greens in regulation FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND. That’s 36 holes folks.

I’m going to try to write the weekend off as an early season anomaly but I definitely need to work on my swing and my short game, which was almost as atrocious as my iron game. Strangely enough, I drove the ball quite well both days, hitting a lot of fairways and generally was in play the whole time. Just couldn’t hit an iron to save my life.

I lost a boatload of money on Sunday. I lost each way in my $5.00 nassau match to Cal, even though he shot an 82 and lost three $2.00 Hollywood’s in a team game with Harry, Cal and Scott so that put me down $21.00 for the day.

Hell, Harris even beat me badly today and he threw two clubs and cursed the whole way around.

Will it be a long year for the new dad? Tune in next week for more!


Off to Montreal for a couple days. Fun city and it should be a crazy town with the Habs/Bruins game going on tomorrow night. No, I won’t be going to the game but I expect to be out and about tomorrow evening so I expect to see a lot of passionate Habs fans around. Should be fun.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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