The Slump Continues

I find myself whining quite a bit these days on the golf course due to my absolutely brutal shotmaking thus far in ’09. Heck, even I’m getting tired of hearing myself bitch about my game!

On the positive side, my scores are getting a BIT better and I even broke 80 for the first time at St. Catharines this year, shooting 77 on Sunday from the Blue tees after an 82 the day before.

I then got the rare opportunity to play some weekday golf, getting out of work a bit early to play Grand Niagara with Jeff, Steve and Cam on Monday afternoon. I somehow scraped around in 81 shots, as my pitching and chipping are at least presentable. It was tough losing the match, as Steve and I lost to Cam and Jeff on the 17th hole which meant we had to spring for pizza, wings and beer but it was a really fun day despite my pathetic display on the course.

I still can’t hit iron shots or hybrids for some reason and a lot of flaws have crept into my swing. Cam, the assistant professional at our club, gave me a couple of simple tips that seemed to work out well near the end of that round.

I even got out for a quick nine on Tuesday evening with regular partners in crime Cal and Harry but again, the shotmaking turned putrid, with me hitting ONE GREEN IN REGULATION but somehow managing a 41 from the tips.

I’m just completely at a loss and have zero confidence in my game and my swing. Hopefully, the three day weekend coming up gives me something positive to talk and think about!

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