Dreaming of Augusta

No, I don’t think I’ll ever get the opportunity to fulfill a dream and play on these hallowed grounds. We’ll get that out of the way quick.

However, there’s no reason why I can’t walk on that heavenly piece of land and the first step in that goal was met yesterday when I received an email from Augusta National, saying I had been added to their mailing list for practice round tickets for next year!

There are no guarantees we’ll get tickets but I still was pretty pumped just to get the application form yesterday with the trademark Masters logo dotted around the perimeter.

Cal also signed up so we’re doubling our chances of success for 2010!

You can request up to four tickets per day and you can either pick one day, two days or all three practice round days. The Wednesday tickets are priced at a $5.00 premium due to the fact they run the vaunted Par 3 tournament that day.

I couldn’t care less which day we get. Just getting to walk around that wonderful course with a camera is worth the trip alone. However, if we do get selected, we plan on making a long weekend of it and playing some golf as well down in Hilton Head and perhaps Kiawah Island.

We find out in September if our names are drawn in the lottery. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


  • Dear Augusta Golf Gods, please please please please please please please please let matt be awarded tickets to the holy land. I promise to never leave a divot in the fariways, repair all my ball marks, and never curse the game of golf again if you make this happen.


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