A Wasted Weekend

Scorewise, that is…

Two rounds of golf. Didn’t break 80 in either one…again.

I’m not going to go into detail about the rounds but I shot 80 on Saturday from the tips then was 82 on Sunday from the same tees in extremely cold and windy conditions, going four over par on my last three to do it.

My putting has been atrocious ever since playing on the shaggy carpets at Grand Niagara but really, I’m not doing anything well.

My handicap, which at one point last year got down to scratch, is up to 4.2 – yup, I’m now a five handicap officially. That pretty much says it all about the quality of my game this year. And to top it off, it’s going to get worse, as I’m losing a 71 this weekend on my score chart so I could actually be pushing a six handicap by Monday next week!

I’ve been a real sourpuss lately on the course and I imagine I haven’t been the most fun guy to play a round with during this extended slump. I’m really going to try to put more effort into shrugging the bad shots off and not beating myself up over my pathetic game. I know that no one wants to hear about it and really, who the hell cares? It’s just a game, we all struggle at some point and this is my time.

I just have to deal with the tough times with a little more grace.

We have the third leg of the Niagara Men’s Tour coming up on Sunday and it’s taking place on our home turf at St. Catharines. Hopefully, one of our members takes home first place.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Matt!Still around. Sorry for not commenting more – time and circumstances have conspired against me. I have always read though – I hope you know that.I still don\’t understand how the hell your handicap system works over there. Is it an average of your last 10 cards or something like that? Ours is much more complicated – it gets adjusted up or down depending on your last card, but it only happens after handicap qualifying competitions, not for general play. I\’m still a 6 handicap, but I just don\’t take the game seriously enough to improve it. Don\’t get me wrong, I love to play, but I\’m normally too busy talking to friends or having a laugh to concentrate on what I\’m supposed to be doing.As an aside, seeing your last post about Augusta, Tom Collins/The Jam Boy/Under the Limit got a ticket to the final round on Sunday of this year\’s Masters and has written a really good article about it which he has not yet published on the internet. Go and leave him a comment or drop him an email and ask him if he will email it to you. Alternatively, I have a copy if he is happy for me to send it you. I will ask him.He\’s a jammy monkey funker.All the best,David


  • Harris:Thanks for letting me know that. I just threw up in my mouth. I should quit golf right now.ED:Great to have you back. The handicap systems are definitely different and I know a 6 in Great Britain is stronger than a 6 here in North America. Our system takes the ten best differentials out of the last twenty scores to determine the handicap, regardless of whether they are tournament rounds or not.And yeah, I'd definitely like to read Tom's account of Augusta. He's an entertaining writer.


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