Rock Bottom?

Harry just let me know through the comments that he’s a 4.1 handicap.

Not really newsworthy until you find out that I’m currently a 4.2.

My world is turning upside down! Haha.

Congratulations to Harris on his achievement. It’s good that he’s done something early in the season, because he won’t have the chance to improve on it with marriage coming.

I made a gentleman’s bet with Harris and Cal that Harry wouldn’t get in more than 45 rounds this year due to his pending nuptials, a claim that he dismissed quickly as ridiculous. Harry usually plays about 65-70 rounds per year so that’s a big dropoff. He said there’s no way anything will get in the way of his weekend golf.

Well, it’s June and Harry’s played all of EIGHT ROUNDS. Hahahaha. Too busy looking for linens ALREADY, are you Harris?!

Needless to say, I’m changing the outlook for Harris to 35 rounds for the year and even with me playing like complete garbage, Harry’s handicap is bound to go up to 7 within a month or so. It’s okay though…your linens will be crisp and clean and your gardens will be colourful and well edged.

The earth will be back on its axis shortly and all will be right in the world once again!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • We've obviously played more then 8 rounds this year. We've been playing every weekend since March 21 or earlier. I've played 3 times on Fridays. Thats 23 rounds so far this year.


  • 23 rounds?? Hahahahahaha! As Cal perfectly said, your math skills are about as good as your poker game.You have played only 8 official rounds this year. That's what is in your computer and that's what we go by, not rounds played in March that aren't official.You seem to forget walking off the course at least two or three times due to excessive blackberry use and you've missed an entire weekend to go linen shopping in Windsor.You've also missed a Saturday somewhere along the way.35 rounds max. Book it!


  • If those are the standards I'm going to be held to, then I predict 27 rounds before football season starts. So i guess I am only getting in 35 max. Not sure how you plan on getting so many in. I miss 7 rounds do to wedding and Greece for 3 weeks. 1 for moving into a new house. at least 3 for football season. so i guess you'll be playing 48 max. Whatever. 3 weeks in greece and a new house are worth it. My games shit anyways. Oh wait, it is still better then yours. hahahah.


  • Well, the part about you being better than me is true. No disputing that. 4.2 is worse than 4.1.But as far as rounds played, I should be around 60-65, as usual. I've played 17 rounds so far this year versus your 8. So I've got a huge head start.I'm playing member guest next week, which is an extra three rounds. I'm also taking a couple weeks of vacation and will be playing on days you won't.I'll hit my 60, as usual, while you see your rounds fall by 50%. Haha. I love using your own ammunition on you…I still remember you harrassing me when I got married, saying I wouldn't be playing golf anymore.Well, I still played more rounds than you did the year I got married! Haha.


  • How do you have 17 rounds and I only have 8? I've played every round with you so far this year except for 1 (Grand Niagara) unless there is some other one I don't know about. I had to leave early from maybe 3 or 4 rounds. How can you possibly be at 17 and me only at 8? I guess i have rounds I haven't recorded?


  • Did you play at least 13 holes in the one's you left early from?? If so, those are official rounds. Just a heads up.


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