A Wonderful Surprise!

Interesting weekend of golf ahead, as I’ll be hosting a couple of my buddies from my hockey team at St. Catharines on Saturday morning then I have the fourth leg of the Nevada Bob’s Men’s Tour taking place on Sunday afternoon at Twenty Valley G&CC.

My game is starting to show signs of life so I’m anxious to see if I can keep the train on the tracks when it counts!

I got a surprise phone call today from my member guest partner, who happens to be my wife’s uncle. Henry asked if I would be available on Monday afternoon to play the Devil’s Paintbrush, which just so happens to be the 10th ranked golf course in Canada by ScoreGolf magazine.

Um, yeah, I think that’s worth taking a day off for!

What a treat that is going to be. I’ve heard nothing but tremendous things about the Paintbrush and I know it’s one of author Lorne Rubenstein’s favourite courses. I’ve always been attracted to links golf and long to play the great courses in Scotland and Ireland. This will be as close as I get for the next little while anyway!

This is a great turn of events for me, as tentative plans to play St. George’s, Hamilton and The National look like they’re falling through for this year.

The Paintbrush is a worthy alternative! I truly can’t wait for Monday to arrive and I’ll try to take some pictures if my host doesn’t mind!

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