By the looks of it, my game has once again utterly and completely disappeared. Perfect timing of course, one week before club championships.

I shot a lovely 83 on Saturday and followed it up with an 82 today, making it four rounds in a row in the 80’s.

Adding to the sadness is the fact that today’s round was my Langley Cup Quarterfinal match against Cal, a match I’d lose on the 18th hole and deservedly so.

I pretty much had one good hole today and that was our 17th hole of the day, the par five 8th at St. Catharines. I was two down in the match, dormie and had to give Cal his only shot of the match. I had just come off three putting for bogey on the previous hole, not even hitting the cup on a two and a half footer, to halve the hole with him. I’d somehow muster the cajones to birdie the 8th hole versus Cal’s bogey to send the match to the last hole but I ran a birdie chip well past the hole with Cal in great position for birdie. He’d par, I’d miss my par putt and the match was his, two up.

Congratulations to the Toastman – he made some clutch shots (ridiculous up and down from way left of the green on 17 and made a bomb for bogey on the 5th to halve me there, among others) and definitely deserved the win.

No hole by hole analysis. I’m way too gutted about my game.

I’m also upset at myself – my attitude really stinks these days on the course. I just don’t have ‘it’ this year. No grind. My short game was atrocious today, usually a strong suit in matches for me – even Harris, on his way to systematically destroying Charlie in his Langley quarterfinal today, was wondering what the hell was wrong with me today.

Wish I knew. I made six bogeys in a row during our back nine and made them every way you can imagine. Not the sign of a guy who is mentally ready to play. There were about five instances today where I wanted to break a club – I’m acting like an ass out there right now and I apologize to my three playing partners today for the poor attitude.

Just not my year on the course.

Club championship weekend is usually my favourite event on my yearly schedule and chances are that I’m going to be playing only two days. My only goal right now is to keep smiling out there – I’ve got a great wife and a healthy, happy nine month old son.

Life is good. Stop pouting ya crybaby!

Devil’s Pulpit post coming soon.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Ya, lighten up on the course. Might help you play better. At least it would allow you to speak to me when I ask you a question which in turn may help you not focus on your shitty play.


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