Off to Beautiful British Columbia!

The wife, my son and I are flying out to Victoria, British Columbia in eight hours for a business/social trip. Really, it’s a half day of business and four days of relaxation and networking with other principles of businesses like mine. It should be a really cool trip and I’ve never been to Victoria before so I’m really excited.

Then, on Tuesday morning, we’re flying to the interior of the province, specifically to Kelowna then making the short drive north to Vernon, where we’re staying with friends for another four days.

Making this trip even better is the fact that I planned on playing a few rounds of golf in both places.

Then, yesterday happened and things got even better.

Yesterday was one of those truly rare days where pretty much everything goes right. Work was great – we were extremely busy and I had a very productive day. We even picked up some new business with the City of Hamilton.

Later, I got an estimate on redoing all my windows at my house and a guy I know personally was able to quote me about 30% less than the next best quote I had received. SCORE!

I also was able to get a tee off time at the private Royal Colwood GC in Victoria (shown above), the 16th rated course in the country according to ScoreGolf Magazine. I thought things were falling through there but I got the great news late in the afternoon.

My father, who will be coming for the Victoria portion of the trip, will be playing with me at Colwood and also at Bear Mountain GC, #62 on the ScoreGolf list. We also have the opportunity to check out Victoria G&CC while there but time will be short so I doubt we’ll get to tee it up out there.

When in Vernon, I’ll be playing the 65th rated course in the country, Predator Ridge with one of our friends in the area. I also will be checking out the 2008 Best New Course in Canada, Tobiano GC in the Kamloops area. Tell me the photo below of Tobiano isn’t just sick!

The best part of yesterday was the phone call I received at work just after five o’clock.

CALLER: “Hello, is Matt there?”

ME: “Speaking.”

CALLER: “Hi there, it’s Richard Zokol. I hear you’re looking to play Sagebrush.”

Richard Zokol, a two-time winner on the PGA Tour, calling little old me at work to talk about getting me on his ultra-exclusive Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club!

I spoke with Mr. Zokol for about 15 minutes about the club (a photo of the third hole is shown above), how it came to be, his thoughts on architecture and many other things. In the end, I was invited to play the course and maybe even do some fly fishing (!!) as well while there.

Needless to say, this ‘business’ trip is looking like it could be the best golf trip I’ve ever taken!

I will have extensive reviews of all the courses I play in B.C. up on the blog upon my return. I also plan on posting plenty of updates on my Twitter feed and maybe even some pictures in real time.


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