Explaining My Absence

First of all, I just want to say that I’ll have the second half of my Sagebrush post up sometime in the next day or two and I’ll follow that with a review of Tobiano, another tremendous course in British Columbia.

It’s been two weeks since I last posted and quite a bit has gone on during that period.

I’ve played in the final two events on the Nevada Bob’s Men’s Tour schedule for 2009. I shot a pretty solid 76 (+4) at LochNess Links in the fifth stop on the schedule, finishing in a tie for 9th at that event to move up to 15th overall for the Tour as we headed into our final event at Whirlpool, which took place on Saturday August 29th.

I stumbled quite a bit out there, shooting an uninspiring 80 (+8) with FIVE three putts. The course was in relatively poor shape but I won’t blame the conditions – I hit some really poor putts and even rolled a couple shots during the round.

I’d finish in 20th position in the final event and ended up finishing in 16th place overall for the year, which isn’t too bad, all things considered.

Little did I know that the 80 I shot there would be my best score for the next two weeks…

I actually followed with an 80 the next day at St. Catharines from the tips on the last day before our course closed for a week due to our club hosting the 2009 Canadian Tour Championship. I finished bogey/double bogey for the 80 but figured it was just an aberration.

Well, simply put, it wasn’t.

I took last week off from work so I could relax, perhaps play a bit of golf and take in the Canadian Tour event at our club.

St. Catharines set up a number of reciprocals with other courses in the province and we won the draw to play the gorgeous Westmount G&CC in Kitchener, a top-20 in Canada course designed by Stanley Thompson.

I made the trip down with Jon P, Ryan B and Cal and hit the ball really well on the range. Unfortunately, those good feelings didn’t translate to the course.

I ended up making a lifetime high of EIGHT DOUBLE BOGEYS, something that sounds impossible to me but it happened. One of those doubles came on the 18th hole, giving me a 90 for the day.

Yup, a 90. It’s been almost a decade since I shot a score that high…Royal Ashburn in 2001 if I recall correctly. Just a horrifying display of golf.

I decided not to play the rest of the week, instead watching a few days of the Tour Championship, hoping that the pros solid play would somehow rub off on me.

Well, I played at Lakeview Golf Course in Mississauga on Sunday, a short but tricky municipal and things didn’t improve. I’d shoot an 83 there and follow it up on Labour Day Monday by shooting 85 at St. Catharines.

I’ll be honest – I’m not having any fun whatsoever on the golf course anymore. I’m completely miserable out there and even my wife has noticed how quiet I am before even LEAVING for the golf club. It’s like I KNOW the day is going to be bad!

My handicap index is up to a 4.2 at the moment and it will be over 5.0 by next weekend, if I decide to play. I’m losing two low scores, including one of my 73’s from earlier in the year so the index will skyrocket after another two rounds in the mid-to-high 80s.

I think I need to take a break – I may give it one more weekend and maybe try to hit some balls at the range but there is a good chance I’ll be putting the clubs away early this year. I’m just sick of being miserable.

Yep, I’ve hit rock bottom.


  • golf is a test of character and perserverence. We will see if you roll over and quit or battle back!!!Obviously, I'm kidding witht the second sentence. Later!


  • Speaking from experience, the more frustrated you get and more club you throw the easier it is to turn the game around. That, or just think how my handicapp will be 2 lower then you and how much that burns you up.


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