Winding Down for Year

Autumn seems to have dug its heels in here in the Niagara Peninsula, as temperatures have dropped noticeably in the past two weeks. We’ll be lucky if the temps hit 12 degrees Celsius tomorrow and it’s getting close to the end of the line for golf in Southern Ontario.

It was another solid weekend of golf, as I shot 78 on Saturday and a tremendous 73 on Sunday, tying my low score for the year. I was actually one under going to the 17th hole but bogeyed the last two holes – a bit disappointing but just getting into red figures so late in the round is breeding confidence as the season comes to a close. I’m already back down to a four handicap after touching a six briefly two weeks ago, quite the improvement in four rounds!

Still, there will be a lot to talk about in the days, weeks and months ahead. I still have a number of course reviews I would like to do – I still haven’t talked about my day at the Devil’s Pulpit and I also have to do a writeup on my disastrous round at Westmount, where I hit rock bottom with my game. Might be therapeutic to write about that experience!

Lots going on right now on the homefront – just got 17 new windows installed today and a new washer. The Buffalo Sabres begin their season on Saturday night at home against rival Montreal and I’ll be there with the Now on the Tee season tickets. My wife is celebrating another birthday on Sunday and I also have my son Evan’s first birthday coming up on October 20th. Oh yeah, my 3rd wedding anniversary is also in October on the 28th.

Sheesh…what an expensive month!

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