Putting the Clubs Away for ’09?

Canada celebrated Thanksgiving this past Monday, giving us crazy golfers in the Great White North an extra day to play this weekend.

Despite early morning temperatures hovering around 6 degrees Celsius, I played both Saturday and Monday. Saturday was supposed to be “Pic’s Revenge”, with Pic being our course superintendent and it’s his opportunity to set the golf course up as ridiculously difficult as possible.

It’s always a fun round of golf but heavy rains on Friday night meant that despite the pins being set up properly for Pic’s Revenge, the actual event wouldn’t take place until Sunday (they couldn’t double cut and roll the greens on Saturday).

The pin positions were extremely tough, with some of them being two steps from the collar and many were right on the middle of slopes but I made four birdies in my round on Saturday. However, I also made about five doubles and shot an uninspiring 83 on the day.

I followed it up with a much better round on Monday, shooting a 77 (+5) and won some money in skins, Hollywood’s and in my match with Cal.

That might just be my last round for 2009, as our club is finally going through with the fall aeration this week and it will be a doozy. The greens will likely be in rough shape for at least two or three weeks and by the time they are semi-respectable, we’ll likely have seen our first snowfall of the year. Golf club storage at St. Catharines GCC also ended this weekend, as the club begins the annual process of installing the curling rink.

If I get the chance to play elsewhere in October, I might play once or twice more. I was hoping to finally get the chance to play St. George’s, Hamilton or The National this year but it looks like I’m going to be disappointed once again. One of these years…


  • It's been rough, that's for sure. Still, I beat you on the Niagara Men's Tour AND destroyed you 8&7 in our last game together last week.Even at my worst, I still find a way 😉 Hahaha!


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