Golf in November…in Canada?

It can happen!

The autumn weather has been unseasonably warm thus far and I actually took advantage, playing nine holes on Saturday with Cal.

From the green tees!

The greens are the senior ladies tees if I’m not mistaken, the tee deck that my mother plays from. The course measures out to a little over 5000 yards from there, with a course rating of 65.5 and a slope of 116.

We just wanted to have some fun and practice our driver and wedge games.

“So, this is how Tiger feels everywhere he plays”, Cal said at one point.

It was tremendous fun. I drove the ball pin high left on the par four first, duffed two chips and made bogey to Cal’s par (he missed a short birdie putt).

On the second, we both drove well inside the 100 marker, pitched on and two putted for pars. Cal’s drive on three was way right but almost pin high while I drove perfectly onto the front fringe of the par four. I’d get up and down for birdie while Cal parred again.

We’d both par the fourth hole and I’d bogey the fifth to drop one back of Cal, as we were playing a big $5.00 match. We’d move to the 15th hole from here, as there was a bit of a backlog on the front nine. Cal DROVE INTO THE WATER on the 15th but still made par, matching me.

The 16th was fun – we both hit great drives but Cal actually drove into the flat, only about 120 yards away while I had about 160 in. I hit an 8-iron to about 12 feet but missed the eagle. We’d both birdie, putting Cal at one under and me at even.

However, Cal would fail to get up and down short of the green on 17 so we were all even going into the 18th, where I would CHIP IN from just in front for the birdie and the one shot victory!

Great fun! Of course, my one under 35 really is more like two over from those tees but I digress…we’ll be doing that again sometime soon, I guarantee. Maybe even this coming weekend, as temperatures once again are expected to be over 10 degrees Celsius.

Course was dry and in pretty good shape, considering all the work they are doing with drainage and renovations. The tow rope that helps players walk up the valley from the 16th is now gone and looks like it was never there. Great work by the grounds crew to make things look natural.

They also extended the tees on the par five 6th hole and the par three 17th, with the sixth now playing 585 yards and the 17th is now extended to 245 yards! Wicked! I’m not looking forward to the bitching from some of the guys we play with next year, as I fully expect a few guys to drop out from playing the tips.

Westmount photo tour coming soon, I promise!


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  • I love reading posts from people like vpvacations…they're so thoughtful in an automated…capitalistic sort of way.But despite my feelings for \”golfers packages\” or whatever, it was great to read about your experience with Cal. I couldn't help but feel your frustration in flubbing a few shots on a shorter course like that.There's a course nearby that's 3300 yards from the TIPS. It's a par 62, yet regardless of how much I lick my chops and think I'll shoot that elusive 59 on ANY course, all the water and my dodgy short game always seem to get me on at least 5-6 holes. It's so frustrating.But I was also wondering…since you're such a fan of golf architecture…is there a particular course (whether or not you've played it) or designer that you admire most? Or that's even in your top 5?


  • Tom!Great to see you back writing again!Yes, I can't tell you how excited I was to have vpvacations take time out of their busy day to comment on my little 'ole site. Least I can do is leave their comment up 😉 I hate making people use the word verification thing but it's back in effect here. Thanks a lot vp! Fucker!Top three courses I've played would be Oakmont, Riviera and Sagebrush (new course in British Columbia I played this past summer). Each very different, as Oakmont was penal with only perfect shots working, Riviera is a shotmakers course where position is imperitive and Sagebrush is wide open and embraces the ground game and creative shotmaking.I'm anxious to play a Tom Doak course, as I've only seen his work in pictures and not in person. I may have the chance to play Ballyneal in 2010 and I still hope to play the Bandon Dunes resort sometime soon. Also hoping to get the chance to maybe play Winged Foot or Merion next year as well…working on it ;)Great getting your email – I was on your new site today and read all 50 (!) pages of your EBook on the event at Turning Stone. I'm pretty fucking jealous of your plan for '10…sounds like a pretty cool year you have planned! If you make the drive to the Canadian Open (being played at St. George's CC this year, one of the best courses in the country), we'll have to hook up and get in a game.


  • I'll have to see where the Canadian Open falls in the timeline for next year, but if it's feasible, I'll have to plan on it. I've heard nothing but great things about St. George's, and I haven't been to Canada since I was like 6 years old. That's awesome you took the time to read through my e-book. And really, that's my whole goal for next year: try to bring people on the road with me. Because even if I wasn't going, I'd love to read about someone who was, simply because I'm so tired of the approach to golf writing these days…but yada yada…I'm sure you've probably read that already.And I haven't heard of Tom Doak, but I'll have to check him out. Also, when you mentioned Winged Foot…I remembered one of the biggest tournaments when I was caddying…I had to caddie for four of Winged Foot's best players…which is pretty amazing because I've heard there are over 150 members there with a 2-handicap or better. I haven't seen or played that course, but I know this for sure: if you can play well there, you can play well anywhere.


  • VPvacations seems to write about as good as I do. Just like to say I'm totally down for winged foot. Just let me know how much and when.


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