One Divot at a Time; Sagebrush Accolades; The Life of Tiger

A mixed bag for you on this fine, wintery day in the Niagara Region.

Friend of Now on the Tee, Jim Colton of Wegoblogger and Golf Blog 100 fame has compiled a bunch of stories, anecdotes and other experiences from his life both on and off the course in his first book One Divot at a Time…, subtitled “Diary of a Full-Fledged Golf Addict Volume 1”.

I’ve seen a few chapters of the book and I must say, it’s eerily similar to something I’d write, with recaps on his rounds at famous courses with his buddies along with stories about the difficulty one has juggling family life and the need to be on the course as much as possible.

I can relate!

The book is available on Amazon for $12.95 so if you like what you read here, you’ll surely like his book as well. Check out the link above for details.

In other news, Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club (17th and 18th holes shown above) has recently been awarded as the Best New Course in Canada for 2009 by both ScoreGolf Magazine and Golf Digest, the two most respected publications in Canada and the United States respectively.

Sagebrush also has been identified by the United States Golf Association and Golf Digest Magazine as one of five examples of top golf facilities in North America using leading-edge agronomy practices for firm & fast playing conditions. In fact, Golf Digest architecture editor Ron Whitten put Sagebrush right at the top of his list, an amazing accomplishment for a year-old course.

I actually spoke with club chairman and former PGA pro Richard Zokol about these accolades yesterday and he was probably most excited about the notice from the USGA and GD for the playing conditions, which I’ve already enthused about at length in my Sagebrush review from earlier this autumn.

The Sagebrush experience was out of this world and I am thrilled for Mr. Zokol and his team for these deserved honours. I can’t wait to get back and play there again.

As for Tiger Woods, well, what can you say?

I feel obligated to at least mention this unbelievable turn of events in his life for historical purposes. I’ve been doing this blog since 2004 and needless to say, this is the biggest story in golf in a long time, perhaps ever.

For those that say it’s his personal life and it is nobody else’s business, well, that’s simply not true.

The trickle down effect of Tiger’s “indiscretions” obviously hurts him the most, well, other than his wife. While his on-course accomplishments can never be taken away, his legacy will forever be tarnished. Tiger has been built up to be the ultimate sportsman and role model, both for youngsters AND adults. He had made a billion dollars in endorsements alone over his career and Fortune 500 companies have used his face and his ‘ideals’ to help market their companies.

Already, companies like Accenture have dropped Tiger, stating that “he’s no longer the right representative for its advertising” and expect more to follow in kind as more bad news seems to come out on a daily basis even weeks after this story first broke.

This is also horrific news for golf in general. Tiger is the biggest draw both in TV ratings and live attendance by a country mile and the announcement made last week stating that he’s taking an indefinite leave from golf will certainly damage the PGA Tour and its events in 2010 to a substantial degree.

There are long-term effects as well, as the economy continues to struggle and companies that have sponsored events in the past look to cut extraneous costs. Many will certainly back away from event sponsorship in future years if Tiger’s problems keep him off the course for a significant period of time and that may well be the case. While most people would bet he’ll be back in time for the 2010 Masters to resume his quest of catching Jack Nicklaus’ record for major titles, I won’t be surprised in the least if he takes six months or even a year off to stay out of the limelight and presumably work on his marriage.

Talk about a nightmare for golf. Still, nothing compares to what Woods is going through himself right now.

Dude made a big mistake. Umm, check that. Double digit mistakes, and counting. The sheer arrogance of his actions will be pretty repulsive to many fans – I mean, come on…if it was a one-time thing, you’d maybe understand. 12 girls? More? And repeat visits?

You’re Tiger Woods, man! Arguably the most recognizable face on the planet. You really thought you wouldn’t get caught?

Hope is not lost though. I think Tiger needs to show his face in public for the first time since the accident to get things rolling toward his ultimate forgiveness from his family, his friends and his fans. I see an Oprah Winfrey sitdown with Elin in his near future, a couple boxes of Kleenex, and many tears and expressions of regret and remorse.

Then he’ll come back with renewed vigor and win a crapload of events and majors to prove his detractors wrong once again and we’ll all be in love with the talent that is Tiger once again.


  • I am so intrigued by this whole thing. As big of a dirt bag Tiger has become, I'm starting to feel sorry for him. This whole thing can't be true, sure most of it, but no way the whole thing. A few thought:Marriage won't last past the holidays, so no oprah with Elin. Probably a better chance of being on Girls Gone Wild. He will be back for the Masters. I agree with Nike, \”just a blip\” in the legacy. Another scandal will come along soon enough and end this one. Tiger, why the relationships? Hire a pro and move on.


  • Matt,As always, a great read. The aerial view of Sagebrush is just breathtaking. It's images like these that give me even more of a reason to venture into your neck of the woods on July 19th, 2010.As far as Tiger goes, like you, I feel compelled to write about my own thoughts and feelings on what's been going on, but in all honesty, I feel like I have to wait a little longer before I attempt to write because the downward spiral just hasn't stopped yet. I don't know when it will.As Harris pointed out, there's talk of Elin divorcing Tiger after Christmas, so the Oprah thing probably won't happen. The media keeps unearthing more women. If Elin is leaving him, it almost seems like his \”indefinite leave\” from golf will be much shorter than expected, because \”working on his marriage\” won't really apply.And now there's talk of an investigation into a doctor that might have been giving Tiger steroids? Is it just me, or do all of these issues make John Daly look like a whiny cry-baby by comparison?I may not always agree with Rick Reilly, but I think he's right when he says that when Tiger finally does come back, he's going to dominate once again, because he will look to golf–more than ever before–as an escape from all of these problems. Then again, if Tiger's convicted of steroid use, we may never see him again.That would be a damn shame.


  • I personally don't feel the steroids should be a factor at all. First off, if he used anything, it would have been HGH just to heal his knee quicker. In all sports, I don't understand how one type of medicine can be used to \”heal\” (example Tamiflu to recover from swine flu) but you can't use something to to recover from major injury quicker? IF tiger took something to recover from Knee surgery quicker, it was just that, not something to bulk up and improve game as he wouldn't be doing intense weight lifting while recovering from that serious of a knee surgery. The DR didn't visit him any time before or after the recovery, so IMO, no need to kill the guy over this. Although with the way things are going for him I'm sure it will.


  • I'm no doctor, and I have no idea what options Tiger may have had during his recovery. My only concern was that he used \”illegal\” substances to aid him in some way.What constitutes illegal? I suppose the people testing players would know that. All I want is an equal playing field for everyone. If Tiger had access to the same legal substances other players had access to, fine. Fortunately, at this point, there is no hard evidence either way.


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