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Last night, we got a big group of the Saturday and Sunday golf regulars together for our annual Christmas time get-together, meeting at the club for food, drink, NFL Football and some poker action.

We had one table running a less-stressful tournament game for the less experienced players and another table was running a more serious cash game for addicts like Cal and, to a much lesser extent, myself.

Now, we’re still talking very modest stakes: $0.25/$0.50 blinds, no limit, $20.00 minimum buy-in and $100.00 max buy in. Still, the pots can grow quite quickly, something that was apparent on one of the first hands of the night.

Joe T raised the flop and Cal would call. The flop came JTx. Cal checked, Joe threw a continuation bet out that Cal raised. Joe would call and ultimately would go into the tank when Cal pushed the river on a three-flush board. Joe’s set of tens held up against Cal’s top pair/top kicker and we immediately had a guy double up in the first five minutes while Cal bought back in with $100.00 more.

Joe would drop a big pot right back to Cal a few hands later and there were a few other big pots relatively early on, with Ryan B sucking out HUGE on Willie for a full buy-in on a lucky river card.

I folded almost all of my hands for the first twenty or so minutes and was pretty card dead the entire night. However, I did have one substantial win on the night that propelled me to a profitable session.

Cal opens UTG with a $2.00 raise, Stevie G calls in the CO and I do the same from the SB with A9s. Ryan also calls in the BB. Four to the flop, which came AA6 it’s checked around to Steve, who bets 3/4. I flat call and both Ryan and Cal get the hell out of dodge. The turn brought out a potential flush draw and by this point I’m trying to break down Steve’s hand. There’s no way he has AK I’m thinking, because if he did, he would have re-raised preflop with it. AQ too. Would he possibly just flatcall preflop with AJ or AT? Definitely. I decided to check the turn to see what he did and of course, he bet into me with a 3/4 pot bet. I continued to tank for a bit and knew that I’d be pot committed on the river if I decided to see it and of course, Steve put me all in on the river for my remaining $23.00. However, the pot was over $80.00 at this point so I was getting close to 4-1 on the call so with trips, I’m not going anywhere even if he has me outkicked.

So I call and Steve doesn’t even want to show but I make him display his K4s bluff for all to see and take down a monster pot in the process.

I didn’t have any other real hands – had 99 at one point that got cracked by Ryan when he hit an ace on the river but it was at most a ten dollar loss. I rivered a straight against him earlier in the night for another modest pot so we broke even on the suckouts.

I’d end the night up about $45.00 and I think a good time was had by all. I’m going to try to get the group together again in January or February for another game.

Look for a few more posts this month: a Devil’s Pulpit review will be coming by Monday and will be followed by a Westmount G&CC writeup. Then I’ll have my annual “Year in Review” post up by New Year’s Eve.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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