Anarchist’s Guide to Golf Course Architecture

I‘ve recently had the pleasure of exchanging a couple emails with Armen Suny, one of the co-designers of the wonderful Sagebrush Golf & Sporting Club in British Columbia along with Rod Whitman and Richard Zokol.

Armen has a background as one of the top superintendents in the world, working for such historic courses as Merion, Cherry Hills and Castle Pines, has been a Tournament Director for the International, the former PGA Tour event famous for utilizing the Stableford scoring system and now has ventured into the design world as part of Suny Zokol Golf Design.

His new blog, Anarchist’s Guide to Golf Course Architecture, offers his thoughts on architecture and golf course maintenance and will likely serve as an outlet for him to showcase his design ideas and his sketch work.

The header above is his sketch of the 16th green at Sagebrush, the largest on the course at well over 20,000 square feet.

His blog-opening essay on architecture and the follow up post on firm and fast conditioning are required reading for architecture junkies and superintendents alike.

Best of luck to Armen with the blog and with his future design work. I’ll be following along!

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  • Matt,Thanks for the kind words. Anarchist's Guide to Golf Course Architecture is my raw and fully exposed beliefs about Golf Architecture.The sketching is coming along well. Its the first time that I have drawn anything in 40 years and I have been at it for about 2 weeks now. And no surprise, Zokol has started sketching and shows a great natural ability to convey in sketch form what he sees and would like to see.I think that its a breath of fresh air to see hand drawn sketches as opposed to manipulated digital photos. After all if we want our golf courses to look hand crafted in the fashion of the masters, maybe we should use some of their creative processes. We routinely use clay models to convey these concepts in a 3 dimensional fashion.


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