Looking Forward with Positive Thoughts

It’s rare that I talk about anything non-golf related here but I hope you indulge me for a bit.

I’ve had a very rough four week period personally, with two family members spending time in the hospital. Two very important family members.

My father is generally a pretty healthy man but was hospitalized in February last year with severe gall bladder issues. He actually went into surgery to remove the gall bladder at that time and they had to stop the surgery midway through due to the fact he had developed pancreatitis and going forward would have jeopardized his life.

Doctors put him on a special diet to try to bring down the inflammation in his pancreas and although he had two other short stays in the hospital in ’09, he started getting better toward the end of the year. It seemed that all was well.

It wasn’t.

He suffered another attack about three weeks ago and was hospitalized again. He would get transferred to Hamilton from Niagara Falls due to them having better facilities and it was also closer to his specialist. He was still in the hospital seven days later when the doctors told him he needed emergency surgery RIGHT AWAY. Our family drove up right away and about five hours later we finally saw him being taken out of recovery. The doctor found a stone that had somehow lodged into his bowel that was 6.5cms by 4.5cms, the largest he’s ever seen. It was basically the size of his entire gall bladder. The doctors were so amazed, they got him to sign a waiver so they could write a case study on this situation for future med. students.

It seems like they finally found the problem, a full year later and my father was released from the hospital only days after the surgery and is already back at work full-time only two weeks after the operation. Truly incredible.

We went from feeling blessed to feeling helpless just this past Monday. My little 15 month old son Evan had been battling a bug of some sort since Friday that week, his first bout of illness since he was born. Three days later, he was still out of sorts and Monday night he started vomiting every couple hours. My wife had taken him to the doctor earlier that day since he seemed a bit lethargic and the subsequent vomiting pushed him right to the edge. By Tuesday morning, he was as limp as a doll, sitting in my wife’s arms and barely moving.

We rushed him to the hospital and after ALMOST GETTING SENT HOME, we finally saw the pediatrician who told us his blood work showed severe dehydration due to the vomiting and he needed to be admitted immediately and hooked up to an IV.

Watching the nurses unsuccessfully try to get the IV in THREE TIMES was unbearable. I tried to be strong for my wife and my son but I was a mess. Seeing a little child in that much pain…my child…it was pure torture.

He had a really rough night on Tuesday with the IV, as it was constantly malfunctioning and we found out later that it had bent a bit in his arm. They took it out around 6am on Wednesday when he finally wet his diaper (a good sign) but he still wouldn’t eat or drink anything.

The doctor threatened that if he didn’t start taking pedialyte (an electrolyte drink that has a terrible taste), he’d have to get the IV put back in. So we tried everything possible: pedialyte freezies, popsicles, putting the stuff in sippy cups, regular glasses, ANYTHING to get him to keep drinking.

He had a decent night on Wednesday and started to eat a little bit and thankfully, his bloodwork on Thursday came back pretty much normal. He was still very weak and he was having trouble walking without falling. But he was seemingly getting better.

We were finally able to take him home that afternoon, and I’m happy to report that Evan is back running around and seems just like his old self over the weekend, thus ending the worst three days of my life. Bar none.

I truly hope I don’t have to see the inside of a hospital again for a very, very long time.

More golf stuff to come this week. For now, here’s a great photo of my father and his grandson taken a couple months back.


Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Hey MattI really feel for you, old pal. This has been a crappy year all around so far.My dear old grandmother died in January and I lost my job around the same time. Thankfully, I have picked up a contract which is keeping me going until something permanent comes up, but I will never get my gran back. We drove a 10 hour round trip to attend her funeral, where I was a pall-bearer and I spoke.I appreciate the pain and suffering you must have been going through. Hopefully, the rest of the year going forward will bring better things for both of us.Take care, old pal. All the best,David


  • I just went through some rough stuff with my mother, so I can empathize. I'm really glad to hear everything turned out alright. Take care of yourself, and I'll be checking back soon.


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