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I know I’ve already talked about both of these ventures in the past but I wanted to give one more shout out to a couple friends of Now on the Tee who have books on the market.

I recently finished reading Jim Colton’s One Divot at a Time… after receiving my copy through Amazon Canada. It’s a great read of Jim’s adventures on the course with his best buddy Jeff (nicknamed Jefe, pronounced “Hef-eh”) and Jeff’s brother Jimbo, who combined make up the vaunted “triumvirate”. Along the way, they play such esteemed courses as Pacific Dunes, Bandon Dunes, Rich Harvest Farms, Arcadia Bluffs, Sand Hills and Ballyneal, among others. I particularly enjoyed the chapters that focused on their various competitions, like the death match at Arcadia between the Tang brothers that had Jim walking the course as official scorer and photographer and of course, the much-revered Ballynizzle Cup weekend. There’s also a particularly inspired bit of creative writing in the last chapter, titled “The Demise of Tom Doak” that had me smiling the whole way through.

It’s available on Amazon Canada for only $13.69 – I’ll say it again, if you enjoy my ramblings here at Now on the Tee, you’ll really enjoy Jim’s book since we seem to have a similar writing style. The book is labeled as “Volume 1” so that gives me hope that a sequel could eventually be in the works.

The other person I want you to look into supporting is Tom Collins from The Reluctant Jam Boy. Tom is on the road trip of a lifetime – he’s spending the entire year following the PGA Tour by car and writing weekly recaps of his adventures along the way.

He’s currently employed by Universal Golf but is supplementing that by writing E-Books for each Tour event that are available on his blog through Google Checkout for only $2.50 each. You can find the link to his E-Books right here and he already has completed his 30+ page recap of the Northern Trust Open from Riviera Country Club from this past weekend. If you’re on the fence or want to get an idea of what you’ll be getting for your $2.50, check out his free E-Book from the Turning Stone Resort Championship from last year.

Tom is attempting to give golf fans something completely different than the generic drivel we read on a daily basis. It’s really a no-holds-barred look at the Tour and Tom isn’t just sitting in a media tent and watching the action unfold on a television screen. He’s on the course, getting soundbites from players, caddies and fans alike and it makes for compelling reading. It’s a hell of a journey he’s on and I have to imagine it would make for quite a book once his year is complete.

Now go to these sites and support their great work!

Lots coming in the days and weeks ahead. I plan on writing course reviews for all the remaining Top 100 courses in Canada that I’ve played so that will keep me occupied probably until the start of golf season here in Canada, which looks to be about six or seven weeks away.

I’ve played 23 of the top 100 in this country according to ScoreGolf Magazine yet I only have reviews of four of them at the moment, as you can see in the right sidebar. So lots of writing ahead!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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