Golf Season Approaches…

We got blasted with a good amount of snow here in the Niagara Peninsula back at the beginning of the month. There was likely close to a half a foot on the ground, maybe more and with that being the case, thoughts of playing golf in March looked hopeless. This was even more depressing when you consider that my home course opened on March 19th last year, the earliest opening in the club’s history.


Well, things have changed drastically in these past two weeks. We’ve been blessed with exceptionally warm temperatures for the last ten days or so, with most days seeing highs in the mid-teens (mid to high 50’s Fahrenheit). The photo above from behind the first tee was taken this past Tuesday – there was still a bit of snow left on the course at that time, as you can see.

We’ve seen even more positive developments over the past few days – we got doused with rain almost the entire weekend, which I have to imagine has melted the last of the snow covering the course.

My prediction on Tuesday at lunch was that the course would be open for business by Saturday March 27th, perhaps even a day earlier, with the short course being open by the 25th.

If I’m right, two weeks from today I’ll be swinging the sticks for the first time in about five months!

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