And So It Begins…

Well, I’m happy to say I was wrong about my prediction in my last post about when our golf course would be opening for play in 2010.

I predicted the weekend of the 27th but I got a call from Stevie G, our assistant superintendent on Thursday morning (March 18th) that the course would be opening at noon that day, beating last year’s record opening by a single day.

I missed out on first day golf action due to having a ball hockey game that night but Steve, Cal and Harry all played their first nine holes of the season in the mid-afternoon under glorious weather conditions for late winter.

I had a pretty hectic day at work on Friday and figured I’d have to wait until the weekend to get my first swings in. However, fate would intervene when my wife decided to take our son to Grandma’s house for dinner, giving me the chance to get in nine after work.

So around 5:50pm on Friday March 19th, with Cal and Mike F watching, I teed up a 5-iron on our short par four opener and hit a big push fade into the trees.

I’ve never been so happy after hitting such a poor shot!

I’d proceed to match par just in trees hit on the first hole, nailing four in a row on my way to a triple bogey seven to start the year in style! Hehe.

I stuck with my plan of weakening my grip and hit yet another big ole fade right into the driving range net well right of the second fairway. From there, I’d absolutely nail the wire that holds one of the driving range net posts up, duff another shot, then hit my fourth into the greenside bunker. I’d blast out to 20 feet and make the putt for a smooth double.

+5 through 2.

After hitting yet another big push fade on the mid-length par four third, I decide to hell with my new found neutral grip and go back to my Paul Azinger special.

Crazy game but that’s all it took. I’d hit a perfect 7-iron that drew beautifully to the back pin, leaving about a ten footer for birdie. An awesome shot from the trees, at least that’s what I was telling myself after three-whacking for bogey. Haha.

+6 through 3.

Things did improve. I’d leave myself about a five footer for par on the fourth and call my shot before hitting the putt, saying “here comes my first par of the year” while Cal and Mike shook their heads.

Thankfully, it went in and I was off. I’d bogey the fifth, make par on the sixth then hit a perfect 6-iron on the par three seventh that stopped about 3 feet away. I’d slip that in the side door for my first birdie of 2010 and follow it up with solid pars on the last two holes to finish one under par on my last four and +6 overall, not bad after the triple/double/bogey start.

It felt SO GOOD to get back on the course after five months away from the game. I actually hit the ball pretty well, especially with my irons. I didn’t hit a fairway with the driver though – every single drive went right so that’s something I have to work on.

There wasn’t any golf this weekend – weather was supposed to be bad yesterday so I scheduled a long-overdue haircut. Of course, it was sunny and about 9 degrees mid-morning and really didn’t cool down until later in the afternoon so we could have at least played nine.

We didn’t play today either but no matter – golf season is finally here and I can’t wait until we get back out again.


  • quick Comparison. Your first shot – way right followed by 4 trees vs My 5 iron smoothed down the middle. Your first drive way right into the driving range vs my first drive 275 down the middle. Looks like another year of me propping up our team for better ball, and on the bright side looks like you'll be the one buying dinner this golf trip. Question: Now that you are posting about golf are we allowed to comment again?


  • Of course…hell, comment twice…oh, you did! Haha.Blah blah blah, you're better than me…blah blah.Still, the day you carry my butt in a better ball tourney will be the first. Hell, you haven't made a birdie in that qualifier in three years. And I shot 74 on my own ball at Burlington last year. We shot 73 as a team.Thanks for the one shot!Dinner will taste sooo good at Ballyneal on your ticket!


  • \”I've never been so happy after hitting such a poor shot!\”I couldn't have said it better myself. You push-faded it, and I toe-hooked mine when I finally got to play recently…but doesn't it feel great to play again?


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