Golf Trip of a Lifetime – Volume One

I am writing this post in the past…

I’m sitting comfortably at home on Thursday morning, about three and a half hours before I depart for the Buffalo International Airport to go on the golf trip of a lifetime with good ole Harry.

Or as my wife says with exasperation: “The Golf Trip of a Lifetime – Part One”.

I’ve timed this post to appear just as I’ll be standing on the first tee at Ballyneal Golf and Hunt Club in Holyoke, Colorado.


Ballyneal, shown above, is about two and a half hours north of Denver and it is the 48th ranked course in the United States and the 83rd ranked course in the world according to Golf Magazine.

We will be spending three full days at Ballyneal, a walking-only club and likely playing anywhere from 36-54 holes a day while at the club. We’ll be meeting up with about 12 other architecture aficionados from Golf Club Atlas for the trip so it should prove to be a great outing.

Late Sunday afternoon, Harry and I will leave Ballyneal and travel an additional three hours north into Central Nebraska in order to play the 8th ranked course in the United States and 11th ranked club in the world!


That course is Sand Hills, with 17th and 18th holes shown above. Both courses are extremely remote and very private so this is literally the opportunity of a lifetime in both cases.

Both courses have lodging onsite that we will be taking advantage of so it will be all golf, all the time.

Should be a tremendous vacation – if we’re in cell phone range, I’ll try to post some updates while I’m there on my Twitter account.

Regardless, you can look forward to extensive reviews and pictorials of both places upon my return.


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