Putting the Clubs Away – 2010 Version

I‘ve been neglecting you, faithful readers!

It’s been a hellacious month or so since my last post and spare time for blog updates has been extremely scarce.

October alone has seen celebrations for my wife’s birthday, two parties for my son’s birthday, my good friend’s stag and subsequent wedding (taking place tomorrow) and my anniversary is also coming up next week.

Add that to my myriad work commitments and you have a month with practically no spare time.

Things will start to get back to normal pretty soon. I’m actually going to try curling for the first time in my life, playing in a mixed league with my wife and a couple friends of ours. Beginner’s orientation starts tonight so we’re looking forward to learning the nuances of the game. I still haven’t had the chance to take advantage of my season’s tickets to the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres but hope to be able to finally go to a game next month.

As far as golf goes, my clubs have officially been put away until spring. I played my last round on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday, making a birdie on my last hole to end the year on a high note. It’s been a very, very good year on the golf course and I’ll have my normal, end-of-year recap later in December.

It was disappointing that I never did get out to either Redtail or St. George’s again this year. I was pretty sure I’d get the chance to play one of them this year but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Expect to see regular posting begin in earnest once again in November. I have quite a bit to write about before we head into 2011. Expect to see posts on the following:

– a detailed analysis of the ScoreGolf Top 100 Courses in Canada list for 2010, with comments on every single course I’ve played on that list
– my very long-awaited review of Sand Hills GC in Mullen, Nebraska…one of the greatest golf courses in the world, without question
– a recap of my great golf trip to British Columbia in July, with updated photos of Tobiano GC in Kamloops and Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club on Nicola Lake along with a full review of the brand new Ridge Course at Predator Ridge in Vernon
– a course review of Beacon Hall GC in Aurora, Ontario, one of the top ten courses in Canada according to ScoreGolf

As we move forward into 2011, I plan on doing at least one review every two weeks on the other top 100 courses I’ve played in Canada to bring everything up to date by the time golf season starts next year.

Maybe I’ll be back with a post soon, with pictures from our first curling experience!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Matt,Sagebrush is definitely top 10 material, I've only played 3 of the top 10 but prefer Sagebrush over all of them.If you have time next season you should take a look at Kawartha, easily the most underrated course I've seen. Should be in the top 25-50 range in my opinion.


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