Where Should I Play in 2011?

Our AS400 went down at work about an hour ago and is still coming back online so I have a few minutes to throw a post up.

It’s been close to five weeks since I’ve swung a club and that means I’ve started daydreaming about potential golf trips for 2011.

I have conducted intense negotiations with my better half and the end result sees me having ten vacation days (Monday to Friday) that I can use toward golf. With weekends also available to schedule trips around, I might be able to squeeze out three ‘long weekend’ type trips or I can opt for two full-week trips.

It will be practically impossible for me to outdo my 2010 season, which saw me get the opportunity to go to Colorado (Ballyneal) and Nebraska (Sand Hills – still chipping away at my review for this site). I also did a separate trip to British Columbia to play Tobiano, Predator Ridge and Sagebrush.

The quality of the golf is the most important factor for me when determining a potential trip – if the golf is that good, even cost takes a back seat in some respects.

I’m not sure if I’ve alienated my faithful readers with the shocking lack of posts lately but if you’re still reading, let me know your thoughts on potential road trips or other trips I should look into taking for 2011. Even if the courses are private, throw up your thoughts in the comments section or throw me an email!

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • Day trip to KawarthaA trip to the Pacific Northwest wouldn't be too bad, could start in Vancouver with Capilano/Shaughnessy then hit up Chambers Bay on your way down to Bandon.Pinehurst wouldn't be too bad either, not sure when the #2 renovation done though, throw in Pine Needles, Mid Pines, Southern Pines, Dormie ClubIf you're still coming to Jasper, I would include Banff, Wolf Creek, Blackhawk and Calgary C&C.C. if you can arrange a game there.


  • Good ideas Ryan – thanks for the response.The Pacific Northwest idea is sound but I'm not anxious to pay top rack rate for Bandon – for my first time, I expect to hit it HARD so playing three or four days would require a second mortgage on the house! 😉 In all seriousness, Bandon is definitely a big possibility for 2011, as Harris wants to go there for his 30th Birthday next October.North Carolina is a good one but as you said, I'm going to wait until everything grows in on #2, so that's something for perhaps '12 or beyond.Jasper is almost a certainty but the bonus there is that is a business trip – so Jasper Park and Banff will not even count among my ten vacation days. Sweetness!Haven't even mentioned Sagebrush yet…I don't know if I can go a summer without spending at least some time there…


  • Both of my trips to Bandon have been early November, 36 a day for $195, one of the best deals in golf and of the 10 rounds there was only 1 with \”questionable\” weather.You could also do a week in either Ireland, Scotland or England, not too bad of a flight from Toronto.I'm hoping to spend at least every long weekend at Sagebrush next season, such a great place.


  • Ryan is spot on with his Bandon info. I just got back and I am going again next November. Not sure if I will make it in March or not.Chambers to Bandon is a good half day so I wouldn't recommend messing around with anything else. I think there is now direct PDX-Toronto flights.Prairie Club? – sure isn't much buzz about it.Will from GCA


  • Also – will 18 be open at Cabot Links before the end of the summer? 4 days at Highland Links and Cabot would be very impressive.I don't know enough about destination golf in the east. Something like the RTJ trail just doesn't grab me.


  • Cabot would be awesome for sure – I know they're planning to have 10 holes up and running for Canada Day 2011 but I'm not sure if they'll have the full 18 up until 2012. That's fine though – I have business taking me out east in '12 and plan to play Cabot that year for sure.RTJ trail isn't interesting to me either. Prairie Club has some merit to it if I end up getting the chance to visit Ballyneal again – I'd likely try to see about playing Dismal River as well if I head to Prairie Club. Also considering a Michigan road trip to play places like Kingsley, possibly Oakland Hills, Arcadia Bluffs, etc. A NY trip could be in the cards as well (Bethpage, maybe one or two of the great privates on Long Island).


  • Harris – I can just imagine the responses I'd get if I posted this on GCA…That said, I'm not looking for access, just suggestions. I can work on the access myself 😉


  • Don't most access requests on GCA start with an innocent \”which public courses would you recommend in.(Long Island/SF/LA etc?)Michigan is a good call Matt, add in Crystal Downs. What about Whistling Straits – for me, I'm just not feeling it.Will once again


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