Writer’s Malaise

I really don’t know what it is with this weather but it’s really starting to bring me down.

Residents of the Niagara Region have been fortunate enough over the past couple of years to be playing golf in the middle of March but old lady Winter really dug in her heels in 2011. Our course didn’t open until April 7th, about three weeks later than last year and even then, chances to play have been few and far between because of the adverse conditions.

In fact, only three of us were willing to brave significant winds, a soaking wet course and unseasonably cold temperatures on Sunday in order to get a game in. We got everything during the round: wind, rain, sun, hail and even a brief snow flurry.

I *needed* that round of golf, weather be damned! I’m sure many of you out there know what I mean.

I also think this weather is having an adverse effect on my writing, specifically with regard to my blog updates or more appropriately, the lack thereof.

It’s not like I don’t have things to write about – quite the contrary in fact! Here is a sampling of what you might see here in the days and weeks to come:

– a 2011 Masters recap
– review of the brand new Golf Digest Top 100 Courses rankings for 2011
– review of the new GolfWeek Best Canadian Courses rankings, a first for that publication
– a post about friend of Now on the Tee, Jim Colton and his fundraising efforts for a paralyzed Ballyneal caddie
– a full report on my trip to the spectacular Bandon Dunes resort
– separate reviews of all four courses at Bandon

That’s a lot of topics and I’ll have to get out of this writing funk pretty quickly if I want to get everything covered in a timely fashion. While I don’t want to offer any promises, I hope to provide plenty of reading material over the next couple of weeks.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado


  • I feel your pain Matt, this is the worst start to a season I have ever experienced still lots of snow on the courses here.Sagebrush is open though!


  • Did you make it out to Sagebrush this weekend? How was the conditioning if so?Unfortunately, it's looking like I won't be heading out there until June 2012 at best. Too many great places to see, so little time!


  • Squeezed in 6 rounds over 2 days.Conditions were good, they've had a late start as well with snow all the way up until thursday, still below zero at night so not much growth yet. Greens were putting nice.Any interest in Redtail in late June? I'm still on the fence with the hefty green fee, worth checking it out once I guess.


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