Putting the Pieces Back Together

Every year, I find it very difficult to put good rounds together early in the season. For whatever reason, I have trouble shaking the five months of rust off my swing.

This year is no different and in fact, it might be even worse, especially when you consider that I played eight rounds of golf in Oregon in mid-March.

I’m having great trouble with my iron play and my short game, especially on the front nine of my rounds. I’m able to figure some things out by the time I get to the back and salvage respectable scores but I repeat the process the next round.

Case in point: two rounds of golf this weekend, two front nine scores of 43 and two back nine scores of 37.

Well, at least I’m consistent!

The shocking thing is that I now own a ‘sandbagger’ handicap – my index has risen from 2.7 to 4.4 based on my 2011 rounds, however, my ACTUAL handicap now reads “2.3R”. This means my actual index has been reduced due to the large discrepancy between my last 20 scores and my tournament scores from the past 12 months. I had two sub-par tournament rounds last year so they get incorporated into a formula to reduce my handicap, even though I’m having trouble breaking 80 so far this year.

It’s actually kind of embarrassing but thankfully, I don’t have any tournaments scheduled until mid-June, when I take part in the member/guest event. That is because I decided to step down from my duties on the Niagara Men’s Tour for 2011 and won’t even be playing the Tour for the first time since 2004. I have two more golf trips planned for this year so I decided to skip the Tour this year as a compromise to my wife and young son.

That said, I *think* I finally figured out my ball-striking issues yesterday on the back nine, simply moving the ball back in my stance. I went from hitting one green on the front to hitting 7 of 9 on the back and made crisp contact throughout the incoming nine.

I’m already looking forward to next week to see if I can finally put a full round together for the first time at St. Catharines.

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  • What are the remaining trips? Long Island and …?Where were these struggles when you waxed me with 6 birdies?A winter of picking the ball off soggy turf has left me with terrible iron play right now. Will


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