Slowly but Surely…

Just a quick follow up from last week’s post on the state of my golf game.

I indicated that my ball position was too far forward and hoped that my ball striking would improve if I moved the ball back a couple inches.

The move seemed to work this past weekend, as I put up two identical scores of 76 (+4) from the back tees at my home club (73.1/131), easily my best rounds of the year in Canada. I made six birdies over the two rounds and won my first two skins of the year to top it all off.

An extra bonus was a great putting tip I read in the most recent issue of Golf Digest. I was having some issues flipping my right hand on right-to-left putts, not quite a “yip” action but too close for comfort. The tip couldn’t have come at a better time – it said that the key to making sure you don’t break down is in the angle of the right hand, not the left (or leading) hand. If you maintain the angle in the back of that hand, you’ll have a consistent stroke.

The results came quickly – I must have made five putts over ten feet on Sunday alone and really gained a lot of confidence with the flatstick. So I’m hitting better iron shots and putting better, which hopefully means some better scoring ahead!

I’m less than two weeks away from my next golf trip, which will be taking me into New York state and specifically into Long Island. It will be a road trip so I hope to play some golf on the way down and on the way back and I’m still trying to finalize my itinerary. Hopefully I get things set soon.

That said, I still have my long-awaited Bandon trip report to write, along with individual reviews of each course at the resort. My pledge is to get the trip report up within the next two days and have the course reviews up soon afterward. Pretty ambitious stuff from a guy who has only been writing three posts a month but I really want to get everything up on this site before I return from New York.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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