The Home Stretch

I‘m still plugging away, albeit very slowly, on my Pacific Dunes review and suddenly realized that I haven’t posted once in September.

So here I am.

The summer and fall have produced great weather, somewhat making up for a horrible winter and spring. In fact, earlier this week we had temperatures in the high 20s, which is near 80 on the Fahrenheit scale.

The temperate climate we enjoy in between Lakes Ontario and Erie allow us to play right through November and in rare cases, into the beginning of December. However, I typically put my clubs away after the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday on the second weekend in October and I will be holding true to that again in 2011.

So that means I have two more weekends and five rounds of golf left in me to round out one of the best years of golf in my life.

My game has been remarkably consistent over the past couple of months. I still don’t have any sub-par rounds in 2011 but I’ve strung together a pretty shocking amount of rounds in the mid-70s lately, bringing my handicap down to a season-low 1.5.

In fact, I haven’t shot a score over 79 since I was in Ohio in mid-July, a stretch that’s seen me play close to 30 rounds, easily my longest such streak of sub-80 rounds in my life.


And there is actually something to play for at the end of the year. I’ve put together a season-ending tournament for the lower handicap players at my home club, something I’m calling the Turkey 2 Ball Invitational, a 10 team, two-man best ball competition.

The entry fee is $125.00, with $25.00 of it going to a skins game and the rest will go into a pot to pay the top three teams at the end of the competition. We’ll have a big draw party a few nights before the competition to set up the teams and the response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

The event will run on Canadian Thanksgiving Monday and will be my last round of golf this year in all likelihood. I’ll certainly have a big report on the event upon its conclusion.

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