Putting the Clubs Away – 2011 Version

October will always be a hellacious month for me, with my wife’s birthday on the 4th, my son’s birthday on the 20th, my wedding anniversary on the 28th and an inventory count at work around Halloween.

This year was especially busy, as we had two separate birthday parties for my newly-turned three year old and then celebrated my fifth anniversary with my wife.

That said, no posts in October here is pretty disgraceful!

Despite weather that continues to be unseasonably warm, with temperatures again today soaring well into the 60’s, my clubs have been put away for over three weeks now.

For the second consecutive year, I birdied my last hole of the year, this time on the par five finisher at LochNess Links in Welland in monsoon conditions in the Niagara Cup final. I was paired with young Brandon M from our club in a two-ball against Brian E and Doug W from LochNess and they systematically destroyed us, making about 9 birdies to our 2 or 3 to win all three points in our match. Perhaps this was revenge for Brian from LochNess, as I’ve had some significant wins against him in past Niagara Cups, none bigger than our epic battle at the Battlefield Course at Legends on the Niagara back in 2008, documented here.

Despite getting smoked, it was enjoyable to watch them take the course to its knees in such poor weather. They are both great guys so I’m as happy as one can be after losing so convincingly!

The previous weekend was glorious – temperatures in the mid-70s for the entire Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, which closed with the inaugural Turkey 2 Ball Invitational, a 24-man best ball competition made up of some of the best players at my home club.

I ran the event and the only way it would have been a bigger success was if I won the damn thing! In the end, it was my good friends Ryan and Harris who took the first title, shooting a gross best ball score of 70 (-2) to win by two shots on a course that was playing long and difficult.

It will definitely be an annual event and perhaps we’ll do something similar in the spring to start the season off in style!

Lots of course and trip reviews to come, along with my annual post recapping my golf year. 2011 was pretty special so there will be a lot to cover in the weeks and months to come.

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  • I got back to LNL (I'll never call it by that evil marketing ploy…it's Hunters Point to me.) this year for the first time in a while…what an enjoyable course. Allows you to hit runners on a bunch of holes, fliers on others…rewards the golfer with the complete game.


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