I just wanted to throw up a quick little update here as I attempt to honour my pledge of posting more in 2012.

There will be some positive changes coming to the blog this year, one of which you may have already noticed. I have started using the extra large photo feature now available through the Blogger platform, so the pictures within the posts are much bigger than they used to be. Clicking the photos now brings you to a slideshow of sorts, where you can easily thumb through all of the photos within that post and you can revert back to the post itself by clicking somewhere outside the photograph.

I’ve gone back and redone every post I wrote in 2011 and eventually will go through every post on the blog to make sure the photos are the same size throughout.

Another possible change in the future is to move to Blogger’s new Dynamic Views template – this allows each of my readers to customize their experience at Now on the Tee from a user interface standpoint.

For now though, I’ll be sticking with what I have, as Dynamic Views is far from a completed project and it’s still lacking many of the features (widget support being the most important) that I need to make the change.

I also wanted to make a shout-out to fellow GCA’er Mark Saltzman, who recently started a blog called One Golfer’s Travels. If you thought I was lucky in 2011 with the courses I played, wait till you see the courses Mark got to experience last year! I’ve placed a link to Mark’s site in the right sidebar under My Favourite Blogs.

My review on Bandon Trails is about half done and you can look forward to seeing it soon.

Matt Bosela

Proud Canadian | Golf Architecture and Travel Aficionado

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